After watching the penultimate episode of season 4 of The Walking Dead, I am left baffled.

With a small group of characters reaching Terminus, you’d think that there was hope for the remainder of the groups.
But watching the season finale’s promo and reading online, i’m not so sure that Terminus is all what it is made out to be.

It is presumed that Terminus is a sanctuary for all and made out to be a safe haven, yet next week’s promo suggests it’s almost torturous.

The close up of  hands  looking as if they’re praying and the constant loop of the words “Terminus, sanctuary for all” and “Those who arrive, survive” with glitching noises; it makes the audience think it’s not all what it seems.

After watching the promos and reading up online what the finale could consist of, I have so many questions:

Is Terminus too good to be true?
Where’s Beth and will she be making a reappearance?
Who’s going to die?
Who makes it to Terminus?
What’s the motive of the group Daryl’s with?

I guess all will be revealed next week…

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