The Land Of Opportunity?

I’ve been thinking about the media and online a lot recently and how to become established.

As an aspiring writer, I’m learning more and more about how difficult it is to get your stuff out there. You can blog and tweet and write as much as you like, but without knowing the right people or working your absolute butt off, you’re getting nowhere.

Because so many people make YouTube videos, blog and write all sorts these days, it’s making it incredibly difficult to actually make a career out of writing.

As much as I’d love to solely make money on writing and taking photos, it seems as though there’s very limited space in the industry for that now.

With print books, magazines and newspapers in decline, online seems the best option to work on.

Don’t get me wrong, making a living from writing online is my dream, it just saddens me that only the select few can do it these days.

Take PewDiePie for example, YouTube superstar. It’s crazy how he makes a fortune just for posting daily videos online. Being the most subscribed person on YouTube sounds like a lot of work, but he only started in 2009. In five short years, he’s gone from a normal guy from Sweden to this huge online superstar.

The line between what’s classed as journalism these days is very fine. With anyone being able to post what they like online, it makes it extremely difficult for people to make money for their writing. This is simply due to lack of originality. Why would a company pay for journalists to write stories when they can get people to do it for free?

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about is how far someone can get just for their looks. Instagram is a perfect example of this. You see accounts with thousands and thousands of followers, just because the photos the user posts are exposing or because the user is attractive.

A lot of models are scouted from Instagram in recent times too, simply because it’s easier to look for people on there rather than in reality.

The internet has opened gateways that nothing else has before. It’s quite scary knowing that it’s very possible that I won’t get the job I really want because there’s simply no one offering that job for a decent wage. It’s looking that writing online may just become a part time job, if I’m lucky enough to even get that.

I guess we’ll just have to see what the next few years brings.


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