Things I Dislike About Summer

Don’t get me wrong, I love the warm weather and the BBQs but summer really does get in my nerves for a several number of reasons.

So here’s my list of hates for summer…

1) Being a girl in summer is such a pain because you have to shave your legs at least 3/4 times a week, depending on the person. It’s such a pain because you end up getting shaving rash which you cover with jeans and then you get too hot. You just can’t win. I’ve invested in nude tights, the absolute best way to cover up my gorilla legs.

2) The need to spray endless amounts of perfume and deodorant and body spray. All of these are done in attempt to stop yourself from sweating and to make you smell nice. You could shower twice a day and still feel like you smell (when you don’t). In saying this, a ridiculous amount of money is spent in trying to cover up the non-exsistent smell of BO.

3) On a hot summer’s day, all anyone wants is a big cold drink. But the one thing I find is that no drink is cold enough. At home we have lots of bottles of water, pop and juice in the fridge but nothing seems to cool my down or quench my thirst. Even with ice cubes!

4) The shorts or skirt decision is a big one for me. Wearing a skirt is great but you always have the worry of it flying up with a slight gust of wind. Also the sweaty thighs you get, then they rub together and you just hurt. And with shorts, you don’t have the chafey problem but you get so sweaty and it’s really not ideal at all. They’re not as comfy or as breathable as a skirt. Such a pain in the bum. Literally.

5) I personally think this is one of the worst things. Wanting to cuddle your significant other, so you do. But then you’re peeling yourself off them and it’s just one big sweaty mess. Don’t even get me started on sleeping in the same bed as them. You wake up feeling you’re going to die of heat exhaustion but you feel too bad to tell them to move. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boyfriend, but the heat is deathly.

6) Summer is the time to show yourself off and look hot but how can girls do that when make up just slides off your face? Maybe expensive make up stays on your face but I refuse to spent like £30 on foundation. I may use some cheaper branded stuff but it does the trick when it’s not worn in the sweltering weather. Eyeliner’s the worst. You leave the house with it spot on and then you get home and it looks like you’ve cried a river. Bloody heat.

So there you go, that’s why i dislike summer massively. Roll on winter, big jumpers and cuddles!

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