7 things I have learnt in the past six months.

So the last six months have been sufficiently interesting.

I had a looooooong summer and now I’m back at uni so yeah, life’s good.

Looking back on the past six months is weird really, it seems like two seconds ago.

But I’m trying to figure out things I’ve learnt… So here goes!

1) That working at a cinema is incredibly boring. But yet fun. I get free cinema tickets and free posters and stuff so that’s pretty awesome. BUT, I just have to sit there for hours on end with hardly any customers and read. But it’s money, I guess.


2) Pizza is love. Pizza is life.  On average in the past six months I’ve probably consumed over 50 pizzas. No exaggeration. I like pizza, what can I say?


3) I really do have an obsession for buying the most pointless things. Either because they’re on sale or I think they’re pretty or just because I can.


4) Eating healthily for one day will not instantly mean I will be skinny. So unfair. Why is food so good? I mean, I eat breakfast and I’m hungry, I eat tea and then I’m hungry. I just can’t stop thinking about food. GAH!


5) I think one of the most important things I have learnt is to make plans. During uni last year I was constantly busy. Fitting my social life and working around uni really worked for me. But over the summer holidays all I really did was work and see my boyfriend, which was fun but I found myself having a lot of spare time on my hands. This led me to watching lots of TV and just eating really. But being back at uni now really gives me chance to be a busy bee again and I love this lifestyle!

6) Ah, the almighty number six. Well this number has to be dedicated to the beautiful sweet potato. A few months ago me and my boyfriend decided to go to The Slug and Lettuce for an meal. When we ordered, the waiter asked if we would like some sweet potato fries and we went with it. When they were brought out with our meal, they looked odd, bearing in mind I’d never tried them before. After one bite I was in absolute heaven. They were delectable! From then on, we made it our mission to try all sorts of different restaurants which served them. To this day,The Slug and Lettuce still serves the tastiest ones.

7) So here’s my last one! I think it’ll have to be the importance of Netflix. Like I mentioned before, I watched A LOT of TV over the summer and Netflix was a huge part of that. I blame Netflix for wasting a tremendous amount of my summer. SCREW YOU NETFLIX.

So there you go! My list of 7 things I learnt in the last six months.

I just realised… I eat a lot.

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