10 Life Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know.

So you’re probably thinking what I’m going to talk about that you didn’t already know.

Well… I use these things so often that they’ve just become second nature to me now and I think sharing them would save a lot of money!

So here we go.

1) Use talcum powder instead of dry shampoo.
I use this every time my hair gets a bit greasy now. It’s just so easy and one bottle will last you about 6-9 months; plus it’s so bloomin’ cheap! The best thing to do is lean over a sink or something and put a good coating on your hands, rub them together then run them through your roots. Or you could just tip a bit from the bottle onto your hair and rub it. Both work perfectly fine. The only downside is that your hair goes a bit static but hairspray can sort that out!

2) Use Vaseline to cover shaving cuts.

There’s nothing worse than shaving your legs and cutting yourself. I always cut my knees and it stings so much. It’s almost always before I’m going out too and no one wants to go out with scabby legs. So I found the best thing to do after you’ve towel-dried is to just blob tiny bits of Vaseline over the cuts. This helps to stop the bleeding and it’s perfect if you’re putting skin coloured tights over!

3) Apply clear nail varnish to cheap rings.

I think the worst part about buying rings that are made of cheap metal is the green finger syndrome and every girl knows what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I do love expensive jewellery but I can’t afford to buy only that. I like the rings that high street shops sell, you just have to put up with the green fingers. BUT, I read something online the other day about applying clear nail varnish onto the inside of the ring and leave to dry then wear. Honestly, this is the most useful trick I have ever come across. Now you can buy any ring you like without having to worry!

4) Apply and left over hand cream to your ends.

Again, this was another one I read online about to years ago but it’s pretty damn helpful. Everybody hates it when they put too much hand cream on and they’re just left with slippery hands. So from now on, just rub it on the ends of your hair, it’s healthy for it and it loves the moisture. Plus, it smells pretty sweet too!

5) Use conditioner to shave your legs.

Using conditioner to shave your legs is so much nicer than shaving foam; honestly. It saves you a tonne of money spent on cans and cans of shaving foam which lasts all of 3 times. Just buying one the big bottles of cheap conditioner from your supermarket is so much cheaper and will probably last you three times as long. Plus, you can buy all different smelling ones so your legs smell awesome afterwards. Plus, they make your legs so much softer.

6) Buy baby wipes instead of face wipes.

This is a really helpful one because it is so much cheaper! I found face wipes for make up removal really stung my eyes and left my face feeling greasy. I switched to baby wipes about three years ago now and I have never gone back. The best thing about it is, they last so much longer. Face wipes have about 20-30 in a pack whereas baby wipes have about 60-80. Also, they’re so much softer and smell lovely. I use a brand called Simple baby moisturising wipes and they’re a pound a pack. Cant go wrong!

7) Use a toothbrush instead of an eyebrow brush.

Eyebrows seem to be such a big issue at the minute so I thought I’d share this one. Instead of buying all these fancy tools to make your eyebrows look nice, just buy a cheap toothbrush. They’re the best for just brushing them into place and they also brush out any unwanted face make up. Easy peasy!

8) Hairspray any rips in your tights.

It’s the absolute worst thing when you’re getting ready and you hear your tights rip, especially if you’re just about to leave. I found, when I’m too lazy to change, is to hairspray the rip. It does make your leg feel hard but it keeps the ladder from spreading anywhere and it also gives a little added shine too!

9) Zips make excellent nail files.

I learnt this trick from being at work one day and breaking my nail. One of the girls there told me to file it on my trouser zip, so I did and it worked like magic. It did look a bit dodgy but it is such a life saver!

10) Eyeliner looks great on the lips.

After experimenting for Halloween one year, I found out that eyeliner looks great on the lips. It holds really well and gives a really good definition of colour. I did use black but I have tried it with different kohl pencils since and it works just the same. Just cover it with Vaseline or a clear gloss after and it looks just like lipstick!

So there you have my favourite life hacks! I’ve been using them for years and I’d never go back to spending so much money on beauty products. I hope at least one of them helps!

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