Fifty Shades of Grey Film Review.

So after the massive hype about this film, I decided to watch it.

Not only because of the hype but because I have previously read the book series numerous times and I was pretty curious to see what they’d do with it.

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed.

After the trailers and teasers, I was really excited about watching it because it seemed like they’d done the books justice but the feature really let me down.

I’m going to start with the film on the whole. I just felt so rushed.

The book really goes into detail with her emotions and how things play out but the film just seems to skim over the detail and miss out a lot of crucial things.

I felt what annoyed me the most was the scene where Ana meets Christian’s family.

In the book, it really went into detail and I felt like I really knew the characters whereas the film literally gave them a few minutes airtime.

I understand a film has to be a certain length and what not but it felt so rushed and the supposed connection between Ana and Christian really got lost.

Now, there were a fair share of sex scenes in the film, but it felt like they skipped over a lot of what the book was about, finding Ana’s limits and describing exactly how she felt. But the movie just gave a basic perception of what was happening.

I understand you can only show so much within nudity, but Christian’s privates is all Ana talks about and you saw nothing. It just feels like they made a bad budget movie of the book and thought: “Hey, this will do!”

I’d have liked to have seen more of connection between Ana and Christian not a few odd looks here and there.

I do wish they would have cast someone more captivating as Christian Grey.

Not that Jamie Dornan isn’t good looking, I personally just don’t think he lived up to my expectations of what Christian Grey would be.

Now I have to address the ‘domestic abuse’ issue. Everyone online has been slating the idea of the story and saying that Christian Grey is a ‘stalker’ and a ‘weirdo’.

He may be those things, in people’s opinions, but some women may be into that and it’s just the way you look at it.

I personally think some of the things he does for Ana is kind of sweet, but that’s just me.

I understand why some people are so against the idea and why they think it’s so wrong but I believe it’s just a hyped up a whole lot more than needs be.

Anyway, I preferred the book a whole lot more than the film and I personally think they should have spent a lot more time sticking to the detail and making the film a lot more personal. There was no need to speed along the story line at such a fast pace.

I’d give it a 4/10!

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