Five Reasons You Should Definitely Cut Your Hair Short.

So recently I’ve had my hair cut into a lob (long bob) and I am absolutely in love with it so I’m here to convince you to do the same!

Here was my hair before:










And after:

10980760_10204212514008151_4239803266758830949_n (1)









When I told the hairdresser how much I wanted off, he was really hesitant to cut so much off but he said he could make it look incredible. And he did and I’m not wanting to go back to long hair for a long time! (Ha, get it?)

So I’m definitely going to convince you girls to run to the nearest salon and chop off your locks!

1) One of the best reasons for cutting your hair short is the freedom. It feels so fun and light and bouncy. Since having the chop, I feel like my hair moves with me instead of weighing my head down.

2) No knots! Having really knotty hair was the bane of my life and trying to get the brush through it was an absolute nightmare! I have broken too many hairbrushes to count and I was so sick of it. But now, it’s like I have a new lease of life! It’s so smooth and simple to give a brush through in the morning!

3) Loom bands are your best friends. Whether you want to add some simple plaits, put it in pigtails or just have a play around, loom bands are a godsend! They’re small enough and stretchy enough to hold the small strands of hair in place without slipping out after two minutes. At only a quid for about 300 these days, it’s a pretty hefty bargain!

4) Bed hair is good. If you have naturally messy or wavy hair, like me, going to sleep with wet hair and letting it dry over night is now a great idea. I wake up with big beachy waves through my short hair and it looks adorable. Although, it may need taming a little with a brush and some hairspray. There’s only so much frizz a girl can handle!

5) It’s all the rage at the minute! So many celebs have taken to cutting their hair off for the spring months ahead so why not? It’s such a refreshing change needed to shake up your style. It looks great matched with pastel colours too! (I’m thinking of going a light peachy pink soon!) The possibilities are endless, really!

So there you have it, my simple list of why not to cut your hair off! Trust me, you’ll love it!

2 thoughts on “Five Reasons You Should Definitely Cut Your Hair Short.

  1. I have always had long hair. Like down to my waist. One day I went into the bathroom and cut it all off to a pixie cut. Like tinker bell! I loved it. I felt so free and it was so easy and fun. Great post!


  2. I cut mine off a few weeks ago, it was really long and I wanted it short but not too short so I cut off 6 inches so it’s medium length now and I prefer it so much:) I love your blog! It would mean a lot if you checked out mine, I only made it recently and it would mean a lot if you checked it out? Keep up the good posts, followed:)x


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