Eight Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without.

After going on a bit of a beauty spree recently, I’ve fell in love with the majority of products I’ve bought so I just wanted to show y’all what they are and why I love them so much!

1)  Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation 20150415_224532
Now, I decided to try this out after a friend suggested it to me.
I’ve strongly been in need of a foundation that lasts all day and
has a light enough colour for skin.  After using it for about two weeks now, I can safely say, I love it! It covers so wonderfully and it stays put all day, even after a night on the town. I’ll never be going back to my old foundation!

2) Skinology Tea Tree Intensive Spot Cream

20150415_224937I think I bought this about six months ago now
and it works a treat, especially if you’re looking
for a quick fix after one of those annoying pimples
pops up. It smells delicious and I think it was only
a pound or so from Wilkinson’s. Their Skinology
range is pretty hard to beat, especially when
they’re so cheap!

3) Maybelline Baby Lips – Cherry Me
I’ve used Baby Lips for over a year now with about five different20150415_225129
varieties but this by far has to be my favourite, simply because it smells and tastes so damn good! I think why I love it so much is because of the pinky colour it goes on your lips and it hydrates them all at once. Plus, cherry flavour anything has to be the best!

4) Young Skin Cleanser & Toner Milk

20150415_224834One of the best 2in1 products I’ve ever
come across! I absolutely love this little
thing; it smells so fresh and makes my
skin silky soft and ready to be moisturised.
One of my absolute must haves for a beauty
regime. Plus, it was only a quid from Asda.
Beauty for a bargain!

5) Make Up Academy Pro-Base Prime and Conceal

Yes I have green concealer and no I’m not an alien!                       20150415_224821
I love this product because although I’ve only used it a few times, it covers my blemishes amazingly! As I’m naturally quite blotchy and spotty, I decided to give green concealer a try as it covers redness really well. At only two pound a pop, it’s a steal! Make Up Academy
is really under appreciated and deserves a lot more recognition, I love this brand!

6) Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

20150415_224615Hands down the best powder I have ever bought. As my skin is naturally quite oily yet dry, it holds all
the moisture in and gives my face a more dewy look
rather than looking greasy. I have to use the Transparent shade as it’s the lightest one they do
and it covers so well, especially over such
awkward skin like mine!

7) Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Eyeliner 20150415_224858

Now heavy eyeliner is my signature look. I love the
big cat eye flicks and big bold underlines; it just
makes me feel confident. This eyeliner lets me have
that look and feel comfortable all day. I don’t have
to worry about it running too as it’s waterproof!
Rimmel’s definitely one of my front runners recently!

8) Perfectly Clear Balancing Mattifying Moisturiser


I think this would have to be my favourite moisturiser,
simply because it’s good for my spot-prone skin,
smells delicious and it has a matte finish. I can’t stand
putting my foundation on an oily finish and this gives my
skin great moisture. It is also a great base for my make-up
other than adding my primer. I think this is from Bodycare
and it costs like 89p. I’m all about those bargains, no trouble.

So there we are, my favourite eight beauty beauty products! I like to think of myself as quite a bargain hunter too and beauty on a bargain just seems that much better!