What I’ve Learned From Makeup Tutorials

Like any other girl on the planet (or even some guys), I watch make up tutorials online.

But I’ve learned a fair few tricks from watching YouTube vids and I’m here to tell you all about them!

1) First of all, and most importantly, YouTubers seem to think that the audience has every makeup brush under the sun. Most well known makeup tutorial people have a large amount of makeup and brushes and they use them in their videos. But for amateurs like me, I have a few brushes but nothing like the amount I’m expected to have from YouTubers. They’re always using phrases like: “Take your Real Techniques blending brush and apply…” and “Grab your sponge…”
You don’t need this many brushes. I probably have about 6 or 7 which I use for all elements of my makeup.  Just use what you feel works best for you; you don’t need to fork out dozens of pounds on the best brushes. They’re all the same and do the same things!

2) You don’t need to buy the most expensive make up for it to work!
I always want certain products people use in their videos but then I see the price of them in my local Boots and think maybe not…
I’d love to be able to afford Smashbox and MAC make up but I simply can’t.
But I’ve discovered some pretty awesome brands that are pretty affordable too.
The Essence range in Wilkinsons is absolutely incredible and so so cheap! I think Rimmel and Maybelline have some right gems in their collections too but I think my absolute favourite would have to be the Collection range. I have some awesome liquid liner from there and I’ll never go back!
So basically I’m just saying, use whatever you can afford and what works for you. You don’t need the best of everything to look the best. The expensive stuff might seem amazing but I’m sure you can find cheaper alternatives.

3) Why are eyebrows all of a sudden so important?
I don’t know what it is but over the past year or so, the perfect eyebrows have been so important. I do not have great eyebrows at all and trying to pencil them to look good is a difficult task. I’ve tamed them the best I can but they’re still nothing like what most people’s look like. But honestly, I’m not bothered. There’s this idea that they have to be a specific shape in today’s world and I really don’t understand it. To me, eyebrows are just hair on your body and yeah, make them look good but don’t make them the sole focus of your face. Just my opinion.

4) Not every eyeshadow and lipstick shade will suit you.
Most makeup tutorials will be based on the person’s own skin tone and shades that suit them. But this does not mean that shimmering gold eyeshadow will suit you. There are plenty of colour wheels and stuff online to say what suits you. Yes, wear what you feel comfortable in but don’t wear layers of pink eyeshadow if you have green eyes because I assure you, it will not suit you. That sounded totally hypocritical but after playing around with products, you will see what I mean. After a few years of wearing make up and trying things out, you’ll get to know what colours suit you and what gets the most compliments. I bet it’s the cat eye and the red lip, always a sure fire winner!

5) Try and find a makeup vlogger with similar features as you.
It may sound silly but I try and look for tutorials with people who have blue eyes, pale and have blonde hair. This is simply because they tend to use products and shades that will suit me. As I have quite oily skin and I am very spot-prone, I look for spot coverage videos. I just find it a whole lot more helpful that watching videos for dry skin. I learn some tips from them but nowhere near as many as I would for videos suited for me. I wouldn’t go and watch a video with a brunette woman with brown eyes because she’s use shades that totally wouldn’t suit me. Just use your common sense really!

So there’s my list of stuff I learned from watching makeup tutorials! If you have any tips of your own, feel free to comment! 🙂