Catalysts – See In The Dark Single Review

Up and coming Sheffield Indie band Catalysts have recently released their debut single See In The Dark and it’s a bloody cracker!

Usually I’m not into the whole indie vibe because frankly, it bores me but Catalysts new single really spoke to me.

I found myself actually enjoying the music behind the lyrics and the chorus, ugh, to die for! It has a hypnotic vibe to it and their sound really reminds me of some of Neon Trees’ stuff.

Another thing I really liked too was the guitar melodies that made me wanna dance around my bedroom.

I really like Tom, the singer’s voice; it has an interesting edge which just adds to their unique sound.

Although the video for the song is really trippy, it’s really fitting with the lyrics and how the song flows. I love the teddy bear sat on the drums with his own drumsticks too, very cute.

The backing vocals, two thirds of the way through the song, kind of threw me off a bit but after a few more listens, they just add to the tune and make it just that little bit more special.

It’s a track that you could just imagine being a hit at a festival when the suns going down and the crowd are jumping crazy for. I see real potential in these guys and I really like their sound; I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future releases.

Catch their video here:

Check them out on iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify too!