Whitemoor – Pause and Effect Review

So I didn’t think I was getting anywhere with this writing thing until the Lovelies from Whitemoor personally emailed me and asked me to review their upcoming album! Exciting stuff, well for me anyway! So I thought I’d give it a go…

Whitemoor are a UK band based here in Derby and they’re set to release their third instalment with album: Pause and Effect.

I don’t know about you but just the name of the album speaks to me; it kind of sounds like: “Just stop and listen for a minute.” Plus the artwork for the album really reflect the name, it has a sort of calming element to it.

Onto the actual content…

Well first of all, the first track is amazing! It sounds like it was crafted for a film or something… But seriously, Hollywood is an eye-opener, not just for the album but it really shows that the band themselves have moved onto a bigger and better sound. It’s one of them songs that you can only really experience it fully if you see it live and I can’t bloody wait to! The guitar melodies really are electric! It’s very easy to dance to and I’m sure I’ll be singing all the words after a few more listens.

A Cage For The Animals sounds like an indie anthem already! The gritty sound and light tambourine shakes in the background give the song a touch of sass. I really like this song; it’s very easy listening and it’s something you’d hear on the radio. Definite winner! Also, the guitar is so silky smooth.

The first few seconds of Dark Sparks sound like a song from The School of Rock but after the beat kicks in, it is something else entirely. I feel already like this is a front runner for me, I really like the feel of the song and the atmosphere it creates. I like the things they’re doing with their drums; it really gives this song some depth. The futuristic echoes mid-way through the song too are awesome. That’s the only way to describe them. It feels like it’s breaking the barriers between Indie and Rock and I really enjoy their sound.

Be The Last not only reminds me of The Prodigy as it begins, but the guitar melodies are pretty bloody amazing. I think this song has a slightly psychedelic feel to it too but I’m really not complaining. After a quick change to the chorus, it sounds like two different songs… But oddly, it kind of works. The second verse really gripped me too, I like that dark and mysterious sound. And that guitar solo… magnificent. Na na na, na na na na na na na!

Moving onto Codes, this has a completely different sound. It’s a lot more serious and almost like a Slash song. Barrington’s voice very slightly sound like Miles Kennedy’s in this, but obviously more indie. It has a love song vibe to it but I really like it.

Ghosts shoots lyrics right from the get go alongside cymbal crashes but as you get into it, you can sort of dance and sway along. The chorus is definitely more upbeat but it brings the song together, revealing the meaning of the song, again a bit of a love song but there’s nothing wrong with that at all! The kick at the end of song really cuts things nicely too.

Just by the title She Makes Me Fly sounds like a love song but it’s not all as you think. It has a sort of whispery sound to the lyrics which sounds, well, seductive if I’m honest. Can an indie song sound romantic? Well, I guess Whitemoor have achieved that. Again, showing their versatility to create an album where every song has its own story and feel to it. The lyrics are really something.

God Help The Queen kind of sounds like something from the 80’s at first but as the lyrics come in, it softens it down a bit. Very Oasis but with Whitemoor’s own spin on it. The chorus definitely has a hook to it because after two listens, I was singing it so I’m sure you guys will too! It’s not a stand out song for me but if fits pretty damn well on their album.

From the first five seconds of Only Human I knew it was one of my favourites. I really like songs that bring in the drums before anything else, it sets a nice rhythm for the song and I’m instantly tapping my foot to it. When the guitar sets off, you can tell it’s going to be a slow, light song and that’s just what it is. The lyrics compliment the actual music behind it and I really love this song. Not just overall but how it’s layered and put together, truly a masterpiece in my eyes.

Masquerade is an up-tempo, groovy song. You can tell by the title really. It’d be really great live too! It’s the type of song you could imagine blasting out in a bar with everyone singing along. This song makes me want to go out drinking for some odd reason, probably the atmosphere it creates. Advisory note: this song is best played loud.

Now, the last song on the album. To me, the last song on the album is as important as the first. It’s the song you want to leave an impression. Until Tomorrow really was an impressive choice to put here. It showcases all of the band’s talents and it leaves you wanting more (or putting the album on repeat) The lyrics kind of remind me of Arctic Monkeys but nothing like they’re copying, just that they’ve took some inspiration from their sound. The lyrics are simply beautiful and it makes you want to hold up a lighter and sway along.

I’d give this album a 9/10 purely because I can’t pick a favourite and I like my favourites. But an out of the park effort from Whitemoor!

Pause and Effect is released on July 25th through Sound-Hub Records.

Here’s a teaser for it…