Leaving Home.

After living at  home for the first two years of University, I decided that moving out for third year might actually help me grow up a bit.

After viewing a flat with my friend, we decided to go for it. After all, there’s not a huge variety of 2 bed student houses around Derby.

In August, we finally moved in after being crazy excited all summer about living together. I was looking forward to the freedom, to eat what I want, do I what I want without any restrictions.

For the first weeks, I loved it. Having my partner over whenever I wanted and just living how I wanted to live.

But after a month or so, things started going wrong, we realised the flat made funny noises, it was painfully cold and gradually getting worse, wallpaper was hanging off the walls.

When we originally viewed the flat, it seemed lovely and like nothing could be wrong with it, but we were mistaken.

The past month or so, there’s been this awful damp smell in my room, so we got a contractor to come and take a look as there’s mouldy patches on my bedroom wall too. He stripped the wall, scrubbed it and this supposedly resolved the issue.

3 weeks on and I’ve discovered two of the walls in the flat are soaking wet with wallpaper peeling off and they smell awful. After contacting our letting agents repeatedly, they’ve finally had someone look at it, well several actually. All of which have said the cause could be different things which is really infuriating. I just want to know what’s going on!

So now, we’re in the cold, mouldy, overpriced flat that we’re hating more and more everyday and it’s really affecting not only our moods but our health too. My flatmate constantly has a cold and I sneeze constantly, I’m always freezing and my clothes are constantly damp.

I’m absolutely sick of it.

Leaving home wasn’t that difficult for me but living like this is making me miss home more and more everyday. I can’t deal with confrontation but trying to get through to our letting agents and getting the problem solved quickly seems impossible at the moment.

Why don’t student landlords actually care about their tenants rather than just letting them live in such terrible conditions? It makes me sick how they can just roll around in there thousands of pounds and we have to live like animals. I’m not having it anymore.

Rant over.