Bargain Beauty Buys!

We all know January is a month where no one has any money and we’re all suffering from the great hangover from Christmas; so I’ve been hunting for cheap and cheerful beauty buys to add some sparkle to the worst month of the year!

First off, I’ve been looking for a product that helps fade scars and stretchmarks and isn’t too expensive. I’ve looked around the market and have tried a few different alternatives but then I found this beauty!

Cocoa Skin Therapy Oil


After using it, my skin felt soft, supple and it smells lovely! And for only a quid from the pound shop, I’m pretty darn chuffed with the results! Hopefully in a few weeks time, I’ll be able to tell the difference.

The next thing I bought was a makeup brush and sponge cleanser. I’ve been in need of some cleanser to clean my brushes and sponges because my usual concoction of olive oil and washing up liquid doesn’t work many wonders on sponges so I thought I’d try this.

Primark’s Make Up Brush Cleanser


I bought this spray from Primark for only £2.oo. It doesn’t have a scent and does the trick. It’s nothing special but I’m wanting to try cheaper alternatives and this seems to work just fine.

The next thing I wanted to try was cleansing water for my face. Usually I’m all for the best thing for spots and greasy skin but after hearing such positive reviews about this product, I decided to try it.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


I got this from Boots for only £1.00 on promotion at the moment. It removes makeup easily and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Definitely pleased with this buy!

I wasn’t particularly looking for these products but after passing them by, they just ended up in my basket. Nail varnishes are my absolute guilty pleasure and I probably have over 100.

Pure Colour in Purple Pattern
PS Matte Nail Varnish in Blush


The thing I like about these are the colours match so I can layer them if I like. The Pure Colour sparkly one is from New Look for a pound and the matte pink one is from Primark for £1.50. I have not used these yet but I can’t wait to!

After trying out a beauty blender sponge and loving it, I came across this gem. A sponge on a stick! I think it’s pretty handy addition to anyone’s makeup bag and for the price, you’d be silly to say no.

Egg Sponge With Foundation Brush


I got this from the Primark beauty range for only £2.00 which i think is a steal along with a foundation brush. Definitely will be using this beauty a lot.

The last thing I’ve been looking for is a cheap yet effective alternative concealer. Now I love my liquid concealers as I think they give you more coverage and sit nicely on your skin. But being so pale, it’s hard to find something to match my skin tone. Luckily I found this gem.

Essence’s Stay All Day Concealer in Natural Beige


I’m a huge fan of the Essence range from Wilko’s but this just bumped ’em up a notch. It’s so light and covers great on your skin. I’m yet to test whether it’s long lasting but it was a definite steal at £2.50.

So there we are, after a short trip to town for a browse, I managed some great beauty bargains. I’m all about looking for the cheaper alternatives and exploring the market a bit more. It just saves spending that much more money on bigger brands when they do more or less the same job. I’ll keep you updated with more when I find some more bargains!