Unexpected Buys.

So I went to town this weekend with my mum to have a gander and I ended up buying some things…

I have vowed now though not to spend any more money on clothes for a while because I just have too many.

So of course I’m going to show you my last lot for a while! Again, the things I purchased are from Primark and New Look simply because I didn’t want to spend much but I’m pretty happy with the things I got!

These were the only thing I got from New Look but ta da!


I saw these online months ago but decided not to get them. Then I saw them in the shop reduced from £15 to £3, the last pair in my size. When that happens, I know I need to have them. Plus they were cheaper than a meal deal from Tesco, so a bargain, right?

The rest of the things I bought were from Primark. Now I don’t know the deal but I know so many people who look down on Primark and think it’s horrid. I personally don’t have a problem with it, infact, I love it! Yeah things are cheap but they actually do have some nice stuff in there too as shown in my next few purchases…

The first thing that has been catching my eye the past few weeks was this gem!


Just a pretty simple elephant t shirt but I absolutely love it! It doesn’t look like something you’d find in Primark at all and I think that’d what I like so much. For only £5, I am not complaining at all!

It might be a bit obvious but I like stripes… The next two things I got are both stripey but are cute in different ways.
The first was this simple tee.


I like this because it’s so simple and casual and perfect for going under checkered shirts and with jeans. Love it for £3.50!

The next stripey thing I got was this.


I like this because you can dress it up or down. It would be pretty with a skirt and boots or just with jeans and Converse. The possibilities are endless! And on sale for £3 from £5, I saved enough for some Creme Eggs!

The next thing I’ve been looking out for in my size are these cuties.


They only ever had an XS in these for the past week and I would definitely not squeeze into those so I’ve been looking every few days and they finally had my size in, wahoo! £3 for 3 pairs too is bloody lovely.

The last thing I bought took a lot of convincing… This jolly old thing.


After trying a Trilby on in a fancy dress booth a few years ago and seeing the photos, I decided I like the look of myself in one so I’ve been on the hunt. FINALLY Primark had them in and on sale too! £4 for this beauty was a steal. I’ve seen them in other shops for sometimes £20 which was a definite no no for me so I’m pretty chuffed with this.


So there we are, my latest buys! But I really must stop clothes shopping for now so I will be back soon… No one said anything about make up! Stay tuned.