My 7 Scent Favourites!

I know it might sound totally random but I love buying beauty products that smell good.

Obviously perfume and body spray has to smell good but body lotions, shower gel and even hand cream has to smell good too! Especially if you’re me.

There’s nothing better than walking past someone in the street or in the supermarket or wherever and they smell nice. I try to make sure I’m one of those people and with the help of some of my favourites, I think I just might be.

So here are my top 7 scents of the century! (tongue twister right?!)

1: Original Source Liquorice Body Scrub


The second I open the bottle to use it, the scent leaks out and makes the whole room smell delicious! If you’re a fan of liquorice, you’ll love this. Not only does it smell great but it leaves your skin feeling super soft after a good scrub. I found this in Wilkinson’s for £1. Can’t go wrong!

2: Diesel Loverdose Perfume


Now, I’ve had a good few of these bottles over the years but I think it has to be hands down my favourite perfume. Again, it has a liquoricey fruity smell and I love it. It lasts all day and I always get compliments when wearing it. It is my ‘going out’ perfume though as it’s too expensive to keep wearing everyday. I got this for my birthday and they sell it in Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams. I think it’s around £40 but it goes on offer quite a lot so grab it cheaper when you can!

3: NSPA Cherry Body Mist


This is my go to body spray. I use it everyday, sometimes even without perfume because it smells so good. They have a range of different scents including mango (which is my sister’s favourite) raspberry, coconut, vanilla and lots of newbies at Christmas-time. If you know me, you know I love cherries and when I saw this, and then smelled it, I needed it. I think it cost me about £2.50 from Asda and it smells so fresh and juicy. I also really like body mist because I feel it lasts longer on your skin and clothes as opposed to dry body sprays.

4: Coconut & Sweet Lime Body Butter


This beauty is from Superdrug yet I’m not too sure of the price as my auntie gave it to me. It smells like something you’d drink on the beach in the heat of summer. Like a Pina Colada… honestly. It feels so soft on your skin and leaves you feeling like a summer goddess of the beach.

5: Imperial Leather Marshmallow Shower Cream


When I first saw this, I thought it’d be far too sweet and smell disgusting; but after smelling it, I was in love. I discovered it in Asda for 80p and thought why not? When I first used it, I wanted to eat it. It really does smell like marshmallows and even when I use it, my towel after smells of it. If you’re not into sweet smelling body wash then maybe it’s not for you, but for me it’s perfect. It’s so soft and light, I feel like a marshmallow after!

6: Soap & Glory Hand Food


I never knew how amazing this was until I tried it. I bought a huge Soap & Glory box in the sales after Christmas and this was the thing I was most excited about trying and I was not disappointed! It smells sweet like macadamia nuts and vanilla. It leaves your hands feeling like silk and soft for hours. It’s my go to hand cream when they’re chapped or rough after a long day. Soap & Glory products can be found in Boots or on their website.

7: Vera Wang Princess Perfume


I would never have usually picked this up and smelled it but after my auntie gave it me because it’s too ‘flowery’ for her, I love it! Also, the bottle is so cute and the cap can also be worn as a ring if you really wanted to! It does smell quite flowery and sweet but I think it’s lovely. It stays on for hours and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another bottle after this big one’s finished. I’m not quite sure how expensive it is but I’m sure it can be found in Boots or The Fragrance Shop. Not only does Vera Wang do lush perfumes, her wedding dress designs are to die for!

So there we are, my favourite scents. I have so many more I’d love to show you but thats all for now.

Can I just say, how gorgeous is my bedding? Asda, £6 in the sale! #bargainbeauty