My Latest Buys!

Although the past few weeks have been crazily hectic with coursework, birthdays and university, I’ve still found time to go shopping. Well, I’ve only bought things to feel better about myself with money I don’t have but HEY!

I’m excited to show you lovely lot what I’ve bought.

First things first, of course I bought a dress…

And it was possibly the cheapest item of clothing I have ever bought… from TOPSHOP might I add.

Here is the crushed velvet beauty:

I saw this skater dress in Topshop last year at £20 on sale and shook my head, I’d never pay that for a little dress. Then in January I saw it again for £10, tried it on but decided against it because it was too revealing. But last week, I was scouring through the sale racks for a good bargain and there it was. One left, in my size, for a fiver. I knew it fit OK (apart from the deep neckline) so I took it to the till along with a £12 shirt for Kane. I pulled out my student card to get 10% off and it only came to £13.50 which I knew wasn’t right but paid anyway. So basically, I got this dress for £1.50 (I know it was more with discount) but how amazing?! I’m a huge fan of velvet and I love skater dresses, they’re so flattering. I am going to be sewing up the neckline a bit though as it is far too open for my liking.

The next thing I bought was this playsuit:

It caught my eye in the Primark window display and I hunted round the shop to find it. After trying it on, I was in love, it’s so comfy and light. Perfect for a summer evening with some sandals. I love the lace-up detail on the front too, so pretty. It fits wonderfully and I am beyond happy! It was £13 from Primark’s spring collection.

Now this puppy was an amazing deal.

Make Up Revolution: Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit:


I have been wanting to try contouring for a while now but I’ve always been unsure if it’d suit me or not…

I am just going to say, you never know unless you try. I tried quickly and I made a huge mess but what I will say is that the highlighter in this is 10/10. Not too shiny and not too thick. It’s so light and gives a dewy, fresh look to your face. I bought this palette in Ultra Fair because I’m ridiculously pale. I think I’ll try again soon with the help of a tutorial online this time. But for £3.50, you really cannot grumble! Superdrug, you’re my hero.

This shirt is the Jack of all trades:

I’ve been after a PROPER tartan shirt for years but they’re either not the right kind of tartan or just far too expensive. This however, only cost me £10.80 with student discount. Yes it was from the sale rack at £12 and yes it is from Topman, but I love it! I bought a medium because I love the baggy fit and I thought me and Kane could share it then if we wanted to (cringey, I know). You could dress it up or down with jeans and boots or shorts and heels! But I love the lumberjack look and I’m hoping to find some black dungarees for it to go under.

Now nudes are my new favourite!

MUA Satin Lipstick in Shade 11:


As you can see, I have already used it, oops! But I’ve been looking for the perfect nude shade to go with reds and blues that don’t suit the bright lipsticks. I love this range too because not only are they great colours, they’re a quid! For a lipstick! I do love my bargains and I think this has to be one of my favourites. It’s a very similar shade to some of the more expensive lipsticks from Mac or Urban Decay and for only a fraction of the price! Again, I love you, Superdrug!

One of the more quirkier things I have bought recently is this dressing robe:


I thought I’d show you a picture of me in it as it doesn’t look nice just chillin’ on a hanger. But the pattern and detail on this is beautiful. The fabric is so light and thin and you wouldn’t believe it’s from Primark! I’ve been looking for a thinner dressing gown for a while as my big fluffy one just gets too hot now. It’s got cute little pockets and a long tie too which is helpful. I got this little number for £10 from good old Primarni.

The last thing I have bought it this helpful hand:


I probably won’t use this to wash my face but I bought it with the intention of cleaning my make-up brushes with it. Recently, I watched a video on Instagram where someone was cleaning their brushes with an implement very similar to this one and it got wanting to give it a try. I usually just wash them by hand but I’m hoping this will clean them right down to the join where it all gets clogged up. For £1.50 from Primark, it’s hardly worth complaining.

So there we have it! My latest tries and buys.

I probably won’t be posting much over the next 6 weeks as I’m finishing University so there is mounds of coursework to do but I’ll do my best to keep you updated…