Pound beauty buys that you can’t or shouldn’t live without…

After getting my scholarship and student loan over the past week, I’ve been on a bit of a splurge (doesn’t everyone) and bought lots of things. But fear not bank account for everything was a pound!

You know I love my bargains and so I thought I’d do a little bit of a beauty haul of pound things I have accumulated over the past week!

Quite a lot of these thing are from Primark, simply because they’re so cheap and their quality isn’t all bad but not all of them are!

  1. P.S 2 Pack Tweezers, £1, Primark.


I love cute patterns and this elephant print won me over with these. I don’t need tweezers.I have seven pairs. But these, are so cute! I like how they’re different widths too, like the thicker ones are good for eyebrows and the thin ones are useful for the little  tiny odd hairs you get. Don’t deny you don’t get them… everyone does.

2. P.S Clear Brow Gel, £1, Primark.


I’ve been unsure of what good brow gel can do other than make brows look clumpy so I thought I’d give it a try and my God.. it’s amazing! It combs through your brow hairs holding them where they should be and yeah they feel a bit hard after but they stay put all day. No fly away stray hairs with the wind or brushes of the face. Would recommend 100%

3. Eyelash Curlers, £1, Pep & Co.


I would never have picked these up if they weren’t a quid! I’ve used them in the past but I had an incident where they pulled a load of my lashes out so I never bothered but I thought I’d try again… I know now to be more gentle and they really do work. If you cannot be bothered to wear mascara, they really do the trick of making them look curlier and more lifted. Steal!

4. MUA Shade 9 Satin Lipstick, £1, Superdrug

I absolutely adore MUA (if you haven’t seen my other posts) and after spotting this beauty, I knew it’d make a great addition to my collection. It’s very shimmery nude pink and has a ‘barely there’ look on your lips which I love. It’s very subtle and great with a smokey eye look. Simply gorgeous.

6. P.S Base Coat Nail Varnish, £1, Primark.


Now I haven’t tried this yet but I have heard wonders about Primark nail varnishes. I have a lot of their colours but never tried anything that helps it stay on. I hope this really works because I am so sick of nail varnish chipping after a  few hours and I have to re-do them. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s only £1 I’ve lost out on.

7. Compact Mirror, £1, Primark.


Here we are again with that adorable elephant print! I have been in need of a little mirror to go in my handbag and this gem has fulfilled that. It has a normal mirror and a magnified mirror too if you want to see your face super close-up. They also come with loads of different patterns on like aztec, floral and funky bright ones to match any one’s personality!

8. MUA Shade 7 Satin Lipstick, £1, Superdrug.

Yep, another MUA lipstick. This one though is a tad bit brighter that previously mentioned. It’s a sort of corally pinky shade that shimmers and sparkles. I think this will be great for summer with a white dress and more natural make-up and shades. Soon I’ll have the whole MUA lipstick collection!

So that’s all I have bought in the past week. Not everything you buy has to break the bank, try beauty on a budget!