I went on a massive shopping trip…

Over the past week I’ve been on a crazy big shopping trip… well trips actually.

Because I’ve been finishing lots of coursework, I’ve decided to treat myself just a little bit too much.

Saving money is one of the hardest things for me to do. It burns a hole in my pocket and I feel the need to spend it immediately. So I buy clothes and make up. But at least I have something to show for it… right?!

Because I get so proud of the amazing deals (some not so much) I’ve managed to bag, I feel the need to share with the world what I’ve purchased.

So here’s this week’s installment.

Apologies, there is quite a bit!

I have this absolute love for earrings. Cute little stud earrings.


These were only £2 from Primark. I love the greeny stone ones and I love the white marbled ones. I have so many earrings and I just love adding to my collection. For £2, you can’t go wrong.

I know it’s not clothes or make-up but I bought these cute little salt and pepper tumblers.

Me and Kane are house hunting at the moment and I keep finding cute things for when we eventually do. These were only £1 from B&M and I think they’re absolutely perfect for us. I love my cutesy vintagey stuff and I think these will look perfect in our kitchen.

I have a thing for pinafores at the minute and this is one of two.

I’ve been eyeing this up in Primark for about a month but I though £13 was a little bit steep, for me especially. Then to my pleasant surprise, it had been reduced to a fiver. Happy days! So I decided to grab one. It’s perfect for the up and coming spring/summer season, when it decides to arrive that is! A tshirt crop top or even a long sleeved top under will look great and very vintage.

I feel really bad about the next purchase because I will neglect all my other boots now.


But just look at them… I had a 20% off voucher for H&M which ran out tomorrow so I went in with hopes of some new black skinnies which failed, miserably. But then I saw these.. in my size.. on sale. When I see things my size, on sale, I know it’s fate. They were only £10 reduced from £30. Then I got them for £8 which I think is an absolute steal and I’m so happy with them. They’re not too high and perfect for a night on the town (which will be very soon).

Not usually something I would buy but I did. TROUSERS.


As I am a week away from finishing university FOREVER and looking for a professional job, I’ve been wanting for worky kind of clothes and I thought these were perfect. They’re a skinny fit, stretchy, beautifully patterned and on sale, again. These were £11 down to £5 again from trusty old Primark. They fit wonderfully  and would look great with some brogues or even boots.

I’m always looking for things to go on my lips and then I bought these today…


I’m in absolute love with the Nivea lip balm, particularly because it’s cherry flavour which is my favourite scent/flavour ever. But the other two lipsticks were, again, MUA from Superdrug at a £1 each. The white cased one is a matte based lipstick in the shade of Wild Berry and the black cased one is a satin finish in the shade Tulip. If you read my blog, you know how much I rave about these lipsticks. I just love how bright and lovely they feel. The nivea lip balm is so nourishing and tasty too, this was only £1.25 and I swear by Nivea to care for my lips.

You might hate me for this but I am team Slytherin.


Yes I have always been a Slytherin fan when it comes to Harry Potter. I saw this set last month in the Nottingham Primark store and they didn’t have my size. But after going back there a few days ago for a job interview, they finally had them in and I was beyond happy. They were only £6 too so I think they’ll do perfectly for summer and I can show my support when re-watching all of the films again; it’s kind of a summer tradition.

As you might be able to tell, my weakness is a good dress.


This beauty is one of my favourites to date. The reason I haven’t shown you a full length photo is because I am wearing it to a wedding in 2 months time and I don’t want anyone to see it yet. But this shows a navy canvas with white and yellow flowers and a deep lace back. It is absolutely wonderful and I am so in love with it! It was £15 on sale from New Look and I think it’ll be perfect paired white white wedges and a cute clutch. So excited to wear it!

After my nan pestering me to buy a swimsuit, I finally have.

This aztec, deep neck, low backed beauty only cost me £8 from Primark. It’s a curve controller so it looks lovely on (no photos I’m afraid) and I’m so pleased with it. For weeks my nan has been wanting to go to an aquafit class but she wants me to come along, but without a swimsuit, I couldn’t so I decided to finally grab one. Especially finishing uni this next week, my aim for the next few months is to get fit and tone my legs, bum and tummy so hopefully this class will definitely aid that process.

Sweet smelling goodness that is the vanilla pod!


After using NSPA’s Cherry mist for a while, I’ve decided to switch it up to vanilla which I have been LOVING recently. This was only £2 from Asda and their range is scrumptious. The Palmolive Vanilla Pleasure body butter and shower cream is like a gift sent from heaven above. It smells divine, feels divine and looks good enough to eat. This was on offer in Superdrug for a quid and I couldn’t be happier I bought it. Sheer beauty.

Again, a very random buy…


Like I mentioned earlier, I have been house shopping and I saw these and loved them! I’m loving the whole cute vintage look and I think these will look great in the kitchen or round a mirror or something. They are battery powered with 20 lights and over 5 meters long and for only £3.99 from B&M, I am extremely happy.

Last but not least…

Perhaps the perfect pinafore! If you know me, you know how much I’m into gingham so when I saw this, I knew it needed to be in my wardrobe. Again, perfect with a crop top underneath or maybe even a jumper! Who knows? But the material is so soft and thin so it’s perfect for those summer days. A little pricey for me at £10 from Primark but I’m sure it’ll be a staple item in my summer wardrobe.

And finally that’s me done. I’m tired just thinking about all that shopping I did but I couldn’t be happier with my purchases.

I just wish my purse felt the same…