What I’ve been buying recently…

Hey Guys!

I know I’ve not posted a whole lot recently because I’ve started a new job and I’ve been busy graduating, going to weddings and sorting our house out.

BUT, I’m going to try and post once a week at least from now on.

So this week’s post is just me showing you guys what I’ve been buying over the past few days.

First off, I want to show you the nicest things ever…



I know it’s not usually what I have in my posts but after Kane brought me a bag a few weeks ago, I decided I needed some more in my life. They’re roasted hazelnut,oat and belgian chocolate cookies and they taste just like nutella but with more of a crunch. They’re heavenly and only £1.50 for 4 from Tesco. Just thought I’d tell you because they’re absolutely heavenly.

Tealight Holders


I liked these not only because they were 2 for £1 but because they’re a lovely purple colour and they match our theme in the house. I have a shed load of candles that I need to burn and these just add to the set up in the living room. I was just having a gander round Tiger and I only bought these. They also have a candy pink, teal, grass green and sky blue coloured ones.



I know it’s nothing special but I’m seriously running out of my Match Perfection and needed a replacement. I use the shade: Light Porcelain and it only cost me £4.98 from Savers which is an absolute lifesaver because I refuse to spend £8 on it in Boots.


As it’s my birthday in 2 weeks (exciting) I’ve decided I wanted to try having some false nails for a change. I was drawn to these nails in Ex Girlfriend shade because they’re quite dark purple which I LOVE and I think will go lovely with my birthday dress which is black and white. I’ll be doing a post on my birthday weekend too! These were only £1 from Primark and they’re slightly pointed which I like. They also include the glue too which I feel is a right good bargain!


I also got these nails which are from the Primark Galactic range. I absolutely love holographic print and I think these could add sparkle to any outfit. They were a little more and were £1.50 which I still think is brilliant for false nails. They’re shiny silver and sparkly gold which I think is simply fabulous.



Yep another black piece of clothing. Haven’t you noticed by now it’s my favourite colour? I saw a patterned version of this playsuit months ago in H&M but it was £30 which I felt was far too pricey for me. Then after looking through the sale racks yesterday, which by the way is a serious hobby, I found the black version on sale! It was supposed to be £29.99 but it was priced at £10!

The only downside I have found with H&M is their sizing. Usually I am a size 12 in pretty much everything but I have to buy 14s or 16s in H&M and I’ve discovered why this is. After reading an article online, it states that their sizing is based on young girls and what fits them. I feel this is quite unfair as I am having to buy 2 sizes bigger than what I actually am and it makes me feel super conscious about my size.

However, this does comfortably fit my bum, belly and boobs in which is a rare occurrence for a playsuit. It also has a boned structure on the top half which makes it so I don’t have to wear a bra with it which is again, a HUGE plus.

Sun and moon tee


I saw this patterned tee, grabbed it, put in my basket and walked away within 10 seconds. I LOVE this print so so much and to find a tee in Primark with this print is quite rare. it’s a cotton, charcoal fabric with a white print and it was only £3. I probably won’t wear this out much because I think they make great bed time t shirts but I am in love with it and I really think Primark are keeping up with today’s trends so well.

Seventeen essentials



I’ve mentioned these goodies before but I just adore Boots’ Seventeen range. I find this concealer to last all day and I use the Extra fair shade which is £4.50. I also got my favourite mascara in Black called Doll’d Up which is £6.29. After noticing Seventeen had an offer on which was if you spend over £6, you get a free nail varnish which, of course, I took advantage of.


This is the nail varnish I chose which is usually £2.99 and the shade is Lilac Love. The colour is slightly brighter than this photo but I can’t wait to try it out tonight!

Eyebrow tools


How cool are these scissors? I am prone to long, curly eyebrow hairs which are so hard to tame but I think these trimming scissors will come in so handy and only a quid, brilliant! I was also in dire need of some new brow gel as mine’s gone all mucky and  started to dry out. But Primark finally have their clear one back in and I’m so happy! I think it’s great because it’s so easy and simple to apply and even if you get it on your skin, it dries clear anyway and only a pound!

So there we are, everything I purchased over the past few days.

If you can think of anything you want me to try, do let me know!