Manchester Shopping Trip

To start off my 21st birthday celebrations, I took a trip to Manchester for a shopping trip with some of my family.

So I just wanted to show you guys all the things that I bought.

I’m warning you now there are quite a few things… But they’re all fabulous!




I’ve been eyeing up this dress for a good few weeks and they had it on sale, in my size in Manchester’s store so I snapped it up. The reason I love this dress so much is because of the bright green colour and I love the back of it. It was originally meant to be £12.99 but It was reduced to a fiver. It made of a breathable, stretchy which makes it great for summer too!

New Look


The first thing I bought from New Look was this floral bag. I’ve been looking at a purse with this pattern for months but I’m not always a girly girl so I thought the bag would be great for when I’m feeling girly. It was also a huge bonus that it was on sale for £6.50 down from £15.99.


I absolutely adore the pastel floral design and I think it’d look great paired with a simple black or white dress. I also like that it has a long chain too as I’m not a huge fan of clutch bags. It’s quite big too so it’ll fit my big purse in along with all my essentials on a night or day out.


Next up is this simple black dungaree playsuit. I also have to apologise for how creased it is as I have not long taken it out of the bag. I love simple things like this to pair with a funky tshirt underneath. It also helps that it was on sale for £4 which is pretty brilliant for New Look. The fabric is a thin, soft cotton which, again, is great for summer. The shorts part is quite airy and flowy which gives it the skater skirt look when it is, in fact, shorts.


The first pair of shoes I bought were these lovely white sandals. I’m always complaining that I don’t have any sandals to wear to make an outfit look girly so I thought these would do the trick just nicely.


They’re a leather material with a woven front which I like because I’m not hugely keen on having my toes out; I’m not sure why. They have a T bar strap with a metal fastening too. Again, they were reduced to £9 from £15 which i don’t think is too bad for a decent pair of sandals that I’m hoping are pretty comfy, because they look it.


I think these were my favourite purchase of the whole day to be honest. I’ve been seeing these on the manakin in the Derby store for around a month and I’ve been in love with them but I just never bought them. Then I saw them in the Manchester store, on sale, last pair in my size. I nearly cried with happiness.


They’re a block heel, light grey, suede set of beautiful heels; but not too high I might add. I think these are perfect for a date night or a nice lunch. I’ll be wearing these on my birthday paired with a stripey dress. I’m beyond excited to wear them because, not only are they gorgeous, but they were £6!!! Queen of the bargains, me.



How beautiful is my new ring?! One of the main reasons for our trip to Manchester was so some of my family could buy my birthday presents and when we found out Pandora had a brilliant offer on, we had to go. The deal was buy 3 rings and they give you the cheapest free so, of course, we took advantage. Two rings were bought for me which are BEAUTIFUL and will be in my birthday post later on this week. But I got to take this baby home a week early because it was the free one. I absolutely love it because it’s so simply yet so lovely and only £30!


Now, Primark’s where the money’s at…


If you know me, you know Im obsessed with the galactic and holographic pattern at the moment and these were no exception. Not only were they pretty cheap but I love love love the purpley bluey colour in the middle with a metallic sheen. I can’t wait to try them out later!


It may look simple but it is far from it. This pretty big makeup bag that my mum showed me has a mermaid, holographic sheen which is gorgeous.


It has a snakey/crocodile print which adds a subtle detail to the simple design. I wanted a big cosmetic bag for when I go away to Liverpool next weekend to fit all my make up and toiletries in. It was only £4 and my plan is to buy the smaller bags so I have a matching set.


Just some simple pairs of tights because I am always wearing them to work and with my skirts and dresses. I like Primark tights because they’re not too thin and it’s true what they say, they keep you warm and cool. I think 3 pairs for £3.50 is pretty good too when i like the quality of them so much. A girl can never have too many pairs of tights, right?


Yes, I know, cherries again. But I absolutely love the smell of this one and I love a good pamper every now and again. I have never seen this brand in Primark before so I had a pleasant surprise when I saw them in the beauty section. This one was 90p which I think is pretty good for a one off treat for a good pamper.


I’m in love with a good monochrome underwear set and when I saw these, I gasped. I love longline bras because they look a tad bit 50s and paired with lace it’s just lush. I’m quite lucky actually because my nan pointed them out to me, my family know EXACTLY what I like. Also, Primark don’t usually have my size in a lot of the sets I like because it’s quite common so I’m beyond happy I managed to snag these. They were £8 too which I think is pretty decent for a lovely underwear set.


Now one thing I love are fluffy socks. I somehow always have cold feet so I’m always wearing fluffy socks or slippers if not both, even in summer! I love Batman and I love socks so there wasn’t much more reason for buying these. They were £2.50 which I think is a little steep for one pair of socks BUT I made an exception, just once.


Again, holographic. Im quite excited actually to use these because they’re part of the PS Pro line which isn’t available in the Primark in Derby. I love the white background behind the holographic glass print and the slight point on them. They were £3 which I think is pretty darn good for some falsies.


I’m all with the matte lip trend at the minute and to find these in Primark, I was quite surprised, especially in the berry shade I love so much. They only had 5 or so shades but these were my favourite of the collection.


Here’s what they look like on my pale skin. I have tried out the darker shade which, I can say, stains your lips pretty bad. It’s a lovely shade but it leaves your lips slightly crumbly and doesn’t look too great if you have dry lips. I have tried since with a moisture lip balm underneath and looks a lot nicer! They were only £2 each too!


I’m not sure what pulled me to this neppy grey tee because I have similar like it but I think it was because of the fit. It’s quite snug and fitted which I like in a tee as it’s very flattering whilst being simple.


They grey shade has a hint of lilac too whilst remaining slightly see through with black flecks throughout. This was only £3 too which is a right bargain for a nice tshirt.

So there we have it!

If you made it this far then well done because this post has nearly as many words as one of my university essays which is mental!

I’m beyond excited to carry on celebrating my 21st birthday over the next week.

I have so much planned and I will blog about it afterwards with plenty of photos!

But for now, I must sleep. Goodnight lovelies 🙂