My Birthday Presents!

I’ve been DYING to show you guys all of the most amazing, random and pretty things I got for my birthday so here I am.

You might turn your nose up at a few presents and think ‘what on Earth?!’ but I loved everything and it just shows how well my family and friends know me.

I’m going to start off with the weirdest present I have ever received and, of course, it was from Kane.


Period pants. Yep, I know. Weird, right?

They’re kind of disgusting and oddly hilarious but totally me. The back of them has a picture of a lady surfing a red sea which is disturbing but I’m so excited to wear them.

They made me frown and laugh at the same time which is exactly the reaction Kane wanted.

Next up was this AWESOME bath pod.


Again from Kane, yes he buys the best presents. So you put it in the bath with you and it lights up and changes colour. Cool, right? I’ve not had chance to have a long relaxing bath with it yet but we tried it in the sink and it’s sweet.

Next up was this GORGEOUS Tiffany bracelet from my auntie.


This was from the Selfridges store in Manchester the week before and I absolutely love it.

It’s so dainty and pretty that I’m scared to wear it but I’m saving it for super special occasions. I chose this bracelet because it’s simple yet sparkly which is exactly the kind of jewellery I like.

One of the next things is something I’ve been wanting for years and now I finally have one…


A Polaroid camera! After pestering my nan to find her old one out so I could use it, she gave in and just bought me one of my own complete with extra sheets for photos and a matching accessory kit.

I’ve been hearing nothing but positives about the Instax Minis and I can’t wait to try it out and leave little snaps all round the house. I also chose it in white because all my gadgets are white and I love matching!

What’s a birthday without new socks?


Me and mum have this tradition where we always buy socks for one another when it comes to birthdays and Christmas.

So of course this time was no exception. She found the best socks out there too, pizza and Harry Potter socks. Perfecto!


My family have this weird thing about buying me the most random sweets and this year, it happened too.

Last year was a candy pizza and this year is a candy bbq kebab. At first I actually wondered whether you put them on a kebab but I don’t think so.

They look super yummy and I’m sure I’ll be cracking them open soon.

Romance favourites next…


After falling in love with the ‘Me Before You’ film, I needed the books and they were instantly on my list.

I was lucky enough to actually get them too! I’m absolutely dying to know what happens next and I’ve heard they’re even better than the film.

If you know me, you know I have a thing for cherries.


And this shirt my mum bought me was definitely a winner!

Stripes and a cherry motif is just perfect for me and I wore it the day after my birthday.

It’s so stretchy and comfy, I might just live in it.

Next up are the crown jewels!

First off were these two BEAUTIFUL charms for my newly bought Pandora bracelet.

I especially love the tiara charm because it’s from Kane and it represents me being his princess. Yes, I know, cringeworthy.

But I think the 21 charm is great too because I love meaningful keepsakes.

I also got two Pandora rings from family members.

There is a sparkly daisy ring and a tiara ring to match my charm.

I chose these ones because, again, they were simple but so so pretty.

With all this new jewellery, I find it so hard to choose in a morning what to wear!

Beware Harry Potter fans…


Arent my new pyjamas awesome?! I’ve been wanting some HP jammies for months and when I saw these, I knew they were the perfect ones.

Primark has had a huge selection of pyjamas over the past few months but these really caught my eye because I love the monochrome colours and they were the softest material.

Here’s a dose of love!


Diesel’s Loverdose is my absolute favourite perfume and I’m so happy I have a new bottle because I not long ran out.

This is my ‘going out’ perfume because it’s quite pricey and it lasts all day.

The scent is quite fruity with liquoricey tones which I love love love.

How many mugs?!


Yeah I know, THREE new mugs.

I knew 21 mugs were a thing but three is crazy. I don’t mind though because a girl can never have enough mugs and we have a whole load of tea bags in our house.

The presents up next were from Jess.

My first wedding magazine!

I was so syked seeing these magazines because, since getting engaged, I’ve not bought anything like that yet and reading through it, I was super excited.

She also bought me a notepad covered in donuts (cool, right?) a box of Hello Pandas which are so yummy and a frame with a photo of us from University which was such a cute idea.


I’m absolutely in love with this pink lace beauties!

I didn’t take a full picture because they’re pretty mini but I just wanted to show the delicate detailing what makes them so so lovely and from Asda too.

Definitely a steal as they were on sale too.


Yes, I know another mug but this is different, it has an awesome sugar skull on it.

I have an obsession with skulls and my mum knows me down to a tee so it was like this mug was made for me.

Primark, ya did good.


All of these goodies were from Kane’s mum which I thought was so lovely and thoughtful.

I love Thorntons chocolate and I love the traditional key idea because it’s something you keep forever and look back at in years to come.

The next thing is yet another random thing from Kane.


A GIANT cherry gummy bear on a stick.

It’s so heavy but it smells delicious because it’s my favourite flavour, cherry.

I’m not sure what possessed Kane to buy me this but it’s such an awesome idea and I’d really love to know where he got it from.

Are you nuts?!


If you cannot tell, I love Malibu!

The big daddy litre bottle was from work which I thought was so sweet because they know how much I love my pina coladas.

The slightly smaller bottle was from Kane and I’m so excited to experiment with a few cocktails now.

Goodness lace-ious me!


I’m all about that comfy lace underwear at the mo and my mum surprised me with this cute matchy set.

I think she bought it from Primark and it’s super comfy and not restricting at all which I find with some lace sets.


Just like graduation, my nan bought me a lovely class photo frame as a keepsake.

I have picked a photo to go in this and it’ll sit nicely on my fireplace alongside my graduation frame.

It also fits in my colour theme in my living room too which just makes it that little bit extra special.


The classic birthday present, a big box of Ferrero Rochers.

They’re my absolute favourite chocolates and I was so so happy to open them.


I also got another lovely scent, Killer Queen by Katy Perry.

I’ve had this a fair few times before and I’m in love with it, it’s so strong and I love the design of the bottle.

Soap glorious soap!

Because Kane knows how much I love my Hand Food, he bought me a travel set and a full size bottle.

I have such a good egg!

So there we are, all of my birthday presents!

I was one lucky lady and Kane bought me a lot from Liverpool which I will be writing about very very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

But for now, I hope you enjoyed my post and if you want to know where anything was from how much it was, just ask šŸ™‚