#NationalBurgerDay @ Hide Burger Bar

It’s National Burger Day which is, of course, a perfect reason to eat out!

It’s also payday and with burgers being Kane’s favourite, we had to celebrate for no reason at all.

After discovering this cosy burger bar on the outskirts of Derby town centre a few weeks ago, we knew we needed to re-visit it for this special day.


Located as part of the Riverside Chambers on Derwent Street, Derby, it’s a perfect location! It’s close enough to town to still get lots of business but not too busy because it’s tucked away nicely.

Of course, being a burger bar, they had a big specials board especially for National Burger Day.


Although their menu is quite varied with a lot of choice for sides and extras, the specials board made us decide to go for the Double Double Double.

Because me and Kane have very similar tastes, we both went for the same, although I was nearly tempted by the ginger chicken burger.

As for drinks… YUM.


This is a Lemon, Green Tea and Peach Ice Tea. Although the lemon part is actually Limoncello. Heaven right?

This wasn’t actually on the menu anymore as it was a special last time we attended; but I asked if they could still make it because last time I had it, it was amazing.

It’s like the perfect cocktail for me because it’s sweet, fruity and not too alcoholic.

Kane chose a Vedett beer which is blond and crisp (just like me apparently).

One thing I love about Hide so much is their interesting decor and chilled vibe.


It has little quirks which I just love in a restaurant/bar because they make me feel at home (our home is full of quirks) and there’s lots to look at while waiting for your food to arrive.

After we ordered our food, it began to get pretty busy which is pretty surprising for a Thursday night but it only added to the atmosphere!

It didn’t feel too cramped or rushed either which I think is such a positive when the tempo picks up.

After around a 20-25 minute wait, our burgers arrived and I was so excited… and hungry.


I love that they don’t mess around with portions at Hide too.

You get two generous handfuls of rosemary salted fries which are so crisp and delicious.

Then the burger – it comes with a knife through which holds all the contents together.

Two beef patties, a shed load of bacon and cheese, pickles, onion and lettuce on a moo moo sauce slathered bun. It smelled so delicious and it tasted it too!

I had to take one of the patties out just to be able to fit the bun in my mouth. It comes slightly pink the middle which they inform you about when ordering but I think it makes it all the more tasty.

I sadly couldn’t finish all of mine, leaving half a patty and some chips but I did pretty well considering the size of the thing.

Of course, Kane finished all of his with bright red cheeks and heavy eyes.

After the plates were cleared, I really wanted to try dessert and with some push, Kane decided to have one too.


We also decided to have some after dinner drinks.

For me it was an Espresso Martini (which I only like because my friend Jess, who is obsessed with them, made me try one and I loved it) and for Kane it was an Amaretto Latte which smelled yummy.

After sipping on these, within 10-15 minutes our puddings arrived!


Sorry the photo’s slightly blurry, I wanted to jump right in.

I had a white chocolate cheesecake covered in berry coulis and chocolate ganache which was so rich and velvety.

The cheesecake tasted like Milkybar which is one of my all time favourites so it was a sure fire winner for me.

Kane had a warm treacle sponge covered in treacle sauce  served with vanilla ice cream but he tucked in before I could grab a snap.

After being defeated by dessert, we needed to go to bed.


After a lovely and bloody filling evening, we paid and headed home where I am now sat writing, still stuffed!

Overall, our second experience at Hide was just as good, if not better than the first.

Kane even said, it’s his favourite place for burgers we’ve ever been which must mean it’s pretty good because he has tried A LOT of burgers in the time we’ve been together.

The service is top notch which is exactly why it makes it one of my favourite eateries.

Great service and great food just serves for a great night and a great impression.

Great right? OK, I’ll shut up now.

If you want to find Hide’s website, click here.

You can follow them on Facebook here.

Their Twitter and Instagram handle is @hideburgerbar is you want to give them a follow too 🙂