What I bought from Nottingham…

So it was payday last week and I needed to quench my need to do some retail therapy.

We fancied a change to Derby as it can get a bit boring when you go so often so we tried the next town along – Nottingham.

I’ve been shopping in Notts before but they have a bit more of a selection of shops and places to eat.

The first thing I want so show you is something I’ve been wanting to try for ages…


The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream which I chose shade Copenhagen.

I love this colour because it’s quite a dark red/purple and is very pigmented.

I’ve been wanting one for months and I finally bought one after my sister (who is 15) has bought a couple and loved them.

I have to admit, it felt very light and although very matte, didn’t dry out my lips.

I wore it last night because I was going out for drinks and it lasted pretty much all night with only one extra application.

I got this from the NYX counter in Boots and it was £5.50.


Can a tee be any more perfect? Black with a Mean Girls and American Horror Story quote on.

There was only one reason I bought this and it was because it was on offer. it was on 2 for £15 with a t-shirt my sister wanted and she couldn’t find another she liked so I found this and thought it was pretty me.

It was also from Pulp, a shop we don’t have in Derby and so of course, I went mad in there.


After running over to Poundland to grab an umbrella (yesterday was a bit wet and windy) I saw these bad boys.

After falling in love with the Biscoff flavour, I picked these up.

I thought the little biscuit packets would be great for dunking in tea and the spread (as Kane pointed out) would be fab to make milkshakes with. YUM.

Not bad too considering I found them in the pound shop at a quid each.


I’ve been trying to clear all of my old things out recently and one thing I need to throw away is all the old holey socks.

Which prompted me to buy some lovely new ones.

I spotted these at the New Look checkout at 3 pairs for £4.oo which I think is pretty decent considering you can pick the patterns you like.

I loved the look of the elephant ones and then I found the other two hiding behind the not so pretty ones. I love cute patterns and I think they’ll be great under boots for the upcoming Autumn.


All hail Primark‘s make up range!

I’ve been wanting to try out some finishing powder and, although I’ve not tried it yet, I think this might just do the job.

I love the colours as they represent ways to hide different things on your face.

My favourite has to be the green as it hides away any redness which my face is highly prone to.

Although it says 3 Euros 50… It was £2.50 and from my favourite, Primark.


How gorgeous is my new underwear set?!

I’ve been looking at this set for months and it finally went on sale… in my size. WIN!

The reason I love it so much is because it looks so expensive and it’s SUPER bright pink which I think looks great contrasted against the dark black.

I got this set from New Look and the bra was £5 on sale and the pants were £2 on sale.


Primark have finally started to do eyeshadow palettes in the colours that I use, the silvers and greys.

I spotted this in a big tray along with a Nudes palette, a lips palette and a Bronzes palette.


I don’t think they’re too bad considering that they’re £4.00 and the colours have so much depth and sparkle.

I think my favourite colours are the second and fifth along.


The next thing I want to show you guys is this clear, heart shaped beauty organiser.

I think this is designed to hold lipsticks but I’m pretty sure this can be used to store pretty much anything!

I’ll be using it to store my lip liners, pencils and matte liquids because I have quite a few now.

It was only £1.50 and from Primark but they also do it in black.


I’ve gone back to my personal favourite, the Elvive Extraordinary Clay shampoo and conditioner.

I love love love this because it makes my hair feel ridiculously soft and look so sleek.

After being told off by the lovely ladies at the Supercuts blogger event (post coming soon) for using cheap shampoos from Wilko, I decided I needed to get some good quality stuff.

These were £1.98 a bottle from Superdrug.


Next up are these amazing Slytherin pyjamas.

I know I should have bought Gryffindor but I have always loved Slytherin and feel like I’d be in that house if I went to Hogwarts.

I love the greens and blues along with the amazing pattern on the bottoms.

These were £10 from Primark which I feel is a little pricey but I’m in need of good comfy pyjamas and I loved these.


Yaaaay, I finally found a lip scrub that wasn’t from Lush.

As much as I love Lush stuff, I try avoid going in their shop because I spend ages in there and buy far too much stuff that I do not need.

This stuff smells so delicious and because I get dry lips a lot, I think this will be so so helpful before I apply lipstick.

This was £3.00 from Primark from the PS Pro range.


I love this bomber jacket.

At first, I wasn’t too keen on the bomber jacket craze but after my sister has gone mad wearing them, I changed my mind.

I like this one, simply because it’s quite plain and substitutes as a hoodie for the cold morning walk to work.

It was only £6.00 which is such a great price and from Primark, of course.


These beauties were on 2 for £10 in Superdrug which was perfect because usually they’re around £7-£8 each.

I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for yonks and gel eyeliner has been on my list to try for a while too.

The Wake Me Up foundation is in shade Light Porcelain (super light) and the eyeliner is in shade Black/Noir.


Again, Pulp did not let me down…

I’ve been needing new black skinnies for a while because mine are becoming pretty faded.

I saw these, half price from £30.00 down to £15.00, tried them on and fell in love.

The fit is perfect, the fabric feels so soft and stretchy but not too stretchy and they’re Jilted Generation which is a brand I used to love back in my emo phase.


Like I mentioned previously, I love green concealer because it hides my blemishes and covered the redness of spots which I seriously need.

I already use a green concealer from Primark which is on a stick but I wanted to try one from the PS Pro line.

I like more liquid concealers as I feel they’re thicker and cover better.

This was only £2.50 too which is pretty damn good for their Pro range.


I have been seriously loving this dark green shade recently and I feel it’s going to be great this autumn paired with greys and blacks.

I love the polar necks especially over winter and this emerald beauty found its way into my heart with one look.

It’s from New Look and it was only £7.99 minus student discount.


I have been in holographic heaven recently and this purse/clutch was no exception.

I have a new purse which has a mermaid hue and this matches perfectly.


What I like so much about it is the layout inside.

It has elastic string which you can slot your phone through to keep safe and the other side has card slots and a flap at the back to hold your money.

I think this would be perfect for a night out or a special event paired with a black dress and heels.

This was £5.00 from Primark.


Again, more socks but this time they’re BATMAN.

I love my Batman stuff and these were needed to sit nicely in my sock drawer alongside my other new socks.

They were £3.00 from Primark.


I’ve been loving these Velvet Matte Lip Crayons from Primark recently so i picked up another in the shade Uncovered which is quite nude with a pinky hue.

It’s quite a girly colour but compliments dark eye make up and looks lovely and light.

They’re only £2.00 and I have around 8 or 9 now so they must be pretty good.


Last but certainly not least are the puppies!

If you know me, you know I love  Converse and I’ve been wearing them since I was a kiddie.

I’ve had two pairs of black Converse before but they faded like hell and got severely worn down.

These are the high tops and they were on sale for £44 from Pulp. My mum also bought me these as a late birthday present and I can’t wait to wear them with absolutely everything.

Well, that’s it guys… Everything I bought from Nottingham.

Please let me know if you want any more info on any of the products or have any suggestions of other cities I should  shop in! 🙂