Happy Hour Heaven @ Revolution

After entering a competition on Revolution Derby’s Facebook page yesterday, I never thought I’d actually win the thing!

I enter competitions on bars and restaurant’s social media accounts all the time and I actually have won quite a few.

But after winning one with Revolution before, I didn’t think I would again!

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-05 at 20.10.41

Revolution Derby is located on The Strand right in the heart of the local bar scene with a cool, relaxed vibe in the day and a lively, party atmosphere into the night.

After quickly calling Kane and getting him to meet me in town, we went on in and found ourselves a cosy little table in the corner that had a great view of the bar!


What I love about Revolution so much is their great offers and their varied menus.

They serve everything from favourites like curry, fish and chips and pies to pizzas, sandwiches and adventurous burgers.


When we arrived, we were told we could choose two of the happy hour cocktails which has to be the same so we chose a Cherry Woo Woo.

While we waited for these frozen goodies to be made, our sharer of nachos arrived (part of the prize I won) and my, my, they looked delicious!


I personally loved the homemade salsa and the gooey cheese on them.

I’m not a huge fan of guac which, yes I know, is pretty weird but the taste of avocado goes through me so Kane ate those parts.

Although they were super yummy, we were still hungry for more so we ordered some mains.

I think the nachos would be great as a starter for 2 or served as a main with sides of fries and onion rings or something.

Then our blended beauties arrived…


You all know I’m in LOVE with the cherry flavour and these did not disappoint!

Although they did give us awful brain freeze…

They are topped by cherry laces which were a great touch and pretty tasty.

After ordering our mains (which are half price on a Monday) they showed up after around 15 minutes.


Kane chose the classic Fish and Chips and I had a Macphilly Cheese Steak Sandwich which looked mouthwatering alongside the crispy sweet potato fries.

My sandwich was served in a burger bun with homemade macaroni cheese, salt beef, melted cheddar and mustard and it really was as good as it sounds.

Steak and cheese is my favourite combo and this was something that bit different to a steak sandwich; it had a good kick.

After destroying our mains, we chose to make pudding at home because we were so stuffed.


I really would recommend Revolution on a Monday because their 50% menu is pretty varied and it has a happy hour too so it’s a no brainer really.

I mean, I know we had two free cocktails and a nacho sharer but our bill came to £10.45 which is for TWO meals on a monday.

They weren’t stingy on the portions and the service really was outstanding considering they had quite a few punters in.

I’m always impressed when visiting Revolution; their food is clever and delectable, their service is top notch and their cocktails are to die for (especially during happy hour).

I just want to show you a quick peek of what I made when we got back…


Behold my Baileys and Biscoff biscuit beauties!

I call myself the mother of milkshakes when I set my mind to making a good one.

These were so so sickly but so indulgent and smooth.

I might even write a post all about my milkshake recipes, what do you think?