Trying Out Essence Samples

I’ve been in love with the Essence beauty brand ever since my local Wilko started to stock their products a few years ago.


I was lucky enough to get my hands on some samples of their new products and I am so excited to show them off to you all.

They sent me three lip products and one eye/face product that has multiple uses…


The first thing I want to talk about is the Beauty Balm Lip Gloss in the shade Heartbreaker.

I’m not usually a huge fan of glossy lip glosses but this is very nourishing and smooth.


The gloss itself is quite bright red which I’m not too sure about yet but it smells pretty nice and it very easily applied.

The fact that is a BB lip gloss too attracts me to it that little bit more as it’s good for your lips and it isn’t sticky at all like a lot of glosses.

The next thing was the MATT MATT MATT lipstick in shade Purple Power which is my favourite of the lot.


The shade is (obviously) a purpley tone but it isn’t too dark like a lot of purple lipsticks.

It’s also really soft and not too mattifying that it makes your lips look dry and cracked.

What I like about purple shades so much is how they look against my pale skin…


If you haven’t noticed, I look the vampire/grungy shades for my make up and this is such a great shade – I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a hell of a lot!

The next item was a Contouring Eye Pencil in Caramel Meets Frosting.


I know this is a contouring eye pencil, but I will be using it for my usual contouring and possibly to colour in my eyebrows because the darker shade is pretty similar to my brows.

You can’t go wrong with a duo stick as they can be popped into your everyday bag for a top up later in the day.

What I also like about this is the shades aren’t too dark for my pale skin.


The colours can be easily blended into the skin for a light look or built up for a more striking look for a night on the town.

I like the highlighter stick because it’s very shimmery and similar to my skin tone.

Last up is the Matt Matt Matt Long Lasting Lip Gloss in Girl of Today shade.


The nail varnish I’m wearing here is from the Essence range too!

I’m a huge fan of the matte lip and this is a sure fire winner for me.

The shade is quite a dusky, subtle pink on the skin and will look great for the coming Autumn.

I think this could even dupe for Kylie Jenner’s Kristen Lip Kit and is very similar to some NYX shades for a fraction of the price.

What I love about Essence so much is that everything is so cheap and really good quality.


I think the most expensive thing in their range is like £6 and that’s for foundation.

If you’re looking for affordable, good quality make up then Essence are your guys.

I use their Liquid Ink Eyeliner and Eyebrow Designer Pencil in my everyday make up look.

I want to thank Essence a whole lot for sending me some of their new samples to try and review for you guys and I would really recommend their brand to anyone.

You can find their Twitter here, their Facebook here and their Instagram here!