What I Bought This Weekend

So I decided to treat myself a bit this weekend.

Partially because I’ve been working myself so hard recently and partly because the student discounts are pretty good at the moment.

So here goes…

The first thing I wanted to show you guys was this lovely green jumper.


I am in love with this dark greeny colour and this jumper was no exception.

It’s quite a thin wooley material and it’s pretty baggy and stretchy which is perfect for autumn.

This was £9.99 from New Look and it comes in a range of colours including burgundy and grey.

Next up was this GORGEOUS highlighter.


What I love about this highlighter is not only the colour and shimmer but how silky smooth it makes your skin feel.

I love highlighter for the simple reason that it makes you look fabulous.

I’ve been looking for a new highlighter that’s pretty cheap but effective and this has done the trick wonderfully.

The shade I got was ‘Pink Shimmer’ and this was only £3.00 from Superdrug – I also got student discount off this which is 20% at the moment!

Because I went out on Saturday, I wanted something new to wear out.

I chose this metallic wonder.


I’ve been looking at this for weeks, deciding whether or not I liked it enough to buy it.

But then I saw it on the sale rack, in my size and just thought why not?

It has coloured shimmering tones to the dark grey metal and has a black mesh back which is very flattering.

I paired this with the usual black skinnies for my night out look below!


I got this top from Primark for only £3.00!

Another thing I wanted for my night out was a new lippy.

After falling in love with NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, I decided to splurge on another one to add to the one I own.


I was looking for a nude colour but none of them really stood out to me so I chose a red colour called Budapest.

What I love about the lip creams is that they feel light on your lips but stay very matte and last ages!

This was £5.50 from Boots on the NYX counter.

I wasn’t actually looking for any earrings but I saw these and loved them!


They’re a dark silver metal colour and they jingle quite a lot when you wear them.

They’re not too heavy though which I like so they don’t weigh my head down when I’m wearing them.

They went perfectly with my outfit for Saturday and made me feel quite glamourous.

They were only £2.00 from Primark.

I bought another jumper… oops!


Well, we are coming up to the autumn/winter season and I want to be prepared.

What I love about this jumper is that it’s not very me… I’ve been loving the red colours at the moment but I’m not entirely sure they suit me so I just thought I’d give this a try.

Honestly, this jumper is very bright which has blues running through it (which definitely is my colour) but I really love it.

I plan to pair it with my black denim skirt and boots because it’s slightly cropped which adds that edgy look.

This was only £7.99 from H&M but I got 20% student discount off of that too! BARGAIN.

Let me tell you a funny story about my hairspray…

I have this one from Superdrug that Kane says smells like dirty nappies (weird, I know).

But he said he would happily buy me a new one if it meant I would stop using that one.


So after looking round Superdrug for a new one, that HAD to smell nice, we settled on this one.

Weirdly enough, it smells like Pina Coladas and I can’t stop spraying it.

What helps too is that this was on half price at only £2.oo from Superdrug.

All praise the tartan lords, I have found my perfect shirt!


I am absolutely obsessed with tartan patterns; have been for years and this shirt was made for me and me alone.

I already have a few variations of the perfect tartan shirt but this just did it for me.

I saw it a few weeks ago in the Nottingham New Look but the fitting room queue was like a mile long so I just put it back.

But luckily, here in drizzly Derby, the queue was bearable and I tried it on.

The material is very thin and quite sheer but I like that because you can pair it with a little vest or wear it on its own for a sexy look.

I love the inverted tartan with the red checks and the dark background – so much I have already wore it twice since Saturday.

This shirt was only £14.99 from New Look plus my student discount.

A few weeks ago, I bought a body mist spray from Primark and it smells lovely!


Then I saw this puppy, a roll on eau de parfum, for only £2!

I think this will be great just to pop in my bag for everyday use or in my clutch on a night out.

This was from Primark at only £2.00.

The last thing I want to show you is my new favourite primer…


This is from the MUA range in Superdrug and I love it because it leaves your face feeling hydrated and soft.

My old primer was pretty good but it didn’t mattify my look – which I love.

This is quite thick but makes your skin feel baby soft and the perfect base for a heavy make up look or light coverage.

I love MUA products because they’re affordable, good quality and can be quite long lasting.

This was only £4.00 from the MUA range in Superdrug.

So there we have it, all the things I picked up over the weekend.

Let me know if you want any more info on the products or if you have any suggestions for me! 🙂