My Autumn Beauty Essentials

So everyone knows that it is officially Autumn!

The crunchy leaves, the colder temperatures and all the winter jumpers and scarves are stocking shelves in our favourite high street shops.

I love this time of year because it means buying a whole lot of new clothes and make up (which I really need to stop doing) to fit these season’s looks.

Personally, I try to buy beauty products that can last all year round but I have a selected few that help me out, especially as it’s getting colder and the wind is becoming a lot harsher.

So here goes, I’ve created a list of my favourite beauty products for this time of year!


I know this crops up A LOT in my posts but is seriously my lifesaver.

I get such dry, cracked, scaly hands especially when the air starts to get a bit chilly and I’m applying it all day long.

Luckily Kane got me another tube for my birthday because Christmases had not long run out.

Soap and Glory products always smell wonderful and this one was from Boots for around £5.00.


This NYX eyeshadow is a recent purchase (oops) and I bought it to add to my usual smokey add look.

I usually go for silvers and greys but this is a cross between dark brown and dusky grey which is just gorg!

The shade is Dressed To Kill and it was only £3.50 from the NYX counter in Boots.

I think this is perfect for Autumn as I start to wear darker colour make up (if possible) and this colour compliments my eye colour pretty well.


Now you’re probably thinking, WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS?! Well… It’s call Shadow Switch and it’s from a brand called Beauty Essentials.

This is one of the coolest inventions ever! When you’ve applied one colour of eyeshadow, you swirl your brush round in this for a few seconds and then it’s free of residue and clean to apply your next shade.

It comes in so so handy especially because I’m wearing a lot more eyeshadow recently as opposed to my usual liquid liner look.

They’re available to buy from Amazon for £5.99 and I would highly recommend them if you’re a busy bee in the mornings.


I am such a fan of these face masks, they smell heavenly and leave your skin feeling so so soft.

I think this particular mask will be great for the Autumn season because it’s suited to dry/tired skin.

My skin goes super red, dry and blotchy in winter so I think this coconut scented beauty will do my skin an awful lot of good!

I got this Montagne Jennesse face mask for 80p from Primark.


Now I’m a huge fan of false nails but I always get annoyed with the long ones and end up pulling them off, but these, these are different.

The imPRESS press on manicure nails are so easy to apply and look very natural with the French manicure look.

The KISS nails are such a pretty colour sprinkled with subtle glitter specks and I think these would be perfect for a special occasion when I can’t be bothered tackling my own difficult nails.

These were gifted to me by a PR company but the views are entirely my own.

Both of the brands can be found in Boots stores and online.


Now this lip balm is used on a daily basis but is one of those products that I need to apply like 5 times a day during this time of year.

My lips get sore and cracked so easily and this keeps them soft and hydrated for a natural lip look or it makes a great base to apply lipstick over.

It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, just soft and moisturised which is exactly what a girl needs in this cold weather.

I think I got this from Wilko for about £1.50.


This has come to be one of my absolute lifesavers, especially recently when I’ve got so lazy with washing my hair.

Styling and making my hair look overly nice has become a huge effort and I only really do it properly for special occasions.

But the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Brilliant Blonde can turn my hair from a greasy mess into lovely, voluminous locks in seconds.

I usually use this on the second or third day between washing my hair and it’s really helping because if I wash my hair too much, it gets really dry and brittle.

I’m also refraining from using heat on my hair too much at the moment to try and keep it fresh and strong.

I got this from Superdrug when it was on offer for about £2.00.


This is, hands down, my favourite perfume of all time! It’s Diesel’s Loverdose.

What I love so much about it is the liquorice and fruity tones and the fact it stays on your clothes and skin for ages!

It’s not too pricey with the average bottle costing around £40 from either Boots or Superdrug.

This is going to be a huge staple in my beauty regime for the next few months as I have a lot of events coming up and I like to make a positive impression on people. Plus, when the wind blows, you catch a whiff of it and I love nothing more than smelling nice.


I’m slowly becoming obsessed with NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream and this shade is so lush!

I bought this last weekend for my night out and I’ve been wearing it a lot this week because it’s such a great Autumn colour.

It’s like a dark red, burgundy but not too dark or harsh; it has soft tones.

I also love the feel of the lip creams because, even though they’re pretty matte, they don’t dry your lips out and they last for a looooong time.

I got this from the NYX counter in my local Boots for £5.50.


After receiving this in a goodie bag from the East Midlands Blogger Meet Up (you can read all about it here) I’ve been loving it!

It’s great for making your skin tip top ready to slap some make up on or just as a spot cream which I am certainly in need of.

I love the Witch brand because their products seem very natural and they actually do the job which a lot of sport brands don’t do.

This is available from all good skincare retailers!

There we are, my essentials for this time of year and my essentials in general.

Do you have anything you’d recommend or anything you like here? Let me know 🙂