Autumn & Winter Mini Haul

Hey hey hey!

So today I went on a bit of a nosey around town to go and buy my Halloween costume. Of course I came home with everything but my Halloween costume, just because the local costume shop didn’t have my size (boo).

I just wanted to show you guys some of the things I bought because I am so proud of some of the bargains I got today and a few of the things are seriously IN right now.

Most of the things I’m going to show you are from my favourite, Primark, because I am pretty impressed with their variety of stuff recently.


First up is the simplest of simple; some simple grey gloves! Because it’s been getting super cold recently and I can’t seem to find any of my winter stuff (we’ve moved house since last winter) I decided to get some new bits.

I loved these because they’re so soft and I wear grey a lot, so they’ll go with A LOT of what I wear. Also, they were from Primark for only a quid for two pairs which I think is pretty damn cheap and they have a range of other colour sets.


This thing caught my eye in Boots when we went over to print some photos out. I have used the Natural Collection brand right from when I first started wearing make up and I still use the odd few things now.

This is their new highlighter shimmer stick and I picked Rose Glow. They come in three colours, this one is quite a silvery rose and is pretty subtle. The other colours are quite a bright goldy bronze glow and a deep pink glow.

I think these are really decent, especially when you’re on a budget because they’re only £1.99 and they do exactly what a highlighter should, reflect that light with a hint of sparkle.


AHHHH POLAR BEARS! Yes I know, everywhere has started stocking their Christmas bits in which means a hell of a lot of Polar Bear stuff and I am SO EXCITED. It’s helpful because everyone knows what to buy me for presents but bad because I just want everything.

But these slippers are the softest, cutest and pretty cheap too! My friend showed me these last week on Primark‘s Instagram and I luckily saw them today. My momma bought them for me to match a load of Polar Bear stuff she bought me for Christmas – super exciting.

These were only £4 which I think is such a good price for slippers. They’re so warm and comfy too (I’m wearing them right now).


I’m all for a good choker and these were no exception. I think they can dress a look up and just add that extra statement for an outfit if you’re not looking for glitzy jewellery. I have quite a selection of different chokers now but these were something slightly different; more delicate.

I love the lace ones because I think they look pretty girly whilst adding that touch of edginess. The long beaded choker is an odd one because I know they’re all in at the minute and they do look good, but they kind of remind me of what a cowboy would wear. I suppose you could call them cowgirl chic? Nah I’m just kidding.

But these were only £2 from Primark which is pretty good for three chokers which are bang on trend this autumn season.


Every girl loves a good smokey eye to add a bit of definition and to make your eyes look smolderingly sexy. I am no exception to this, in fact, I heavily promote a smokey eye – especially with the metallic silvers and chromes.

I own a good few smokey eye palettes but I didn’t think buying another would hurt, certainly because it was SO cheap.

This beauty was ONLY £1.25 from Bodycare which I think is pretty ridiculous because the colours are so pigmented and have that hint of sparkle which I love love love.


Pretty leaves huh? I’ll let you in on a little secret… They’re not real.

But this is my new scarf which I absolutely LURVE. I’ve been looking for a new scarf for a while because my lovely tartan one, which I have from last year, has so many pulls in. This one is like a monochrome tartan but I love it because it’ll go with everything.

The best part about this scarf was the price… £2 on sale! Gosh I love Primark.


These are just simple make up sponge blenders which I bought to use for my Halloween make up. These are newer packs as Primark have started selling duo packs which is super helpful when you need to grab a couple. Not bad for £1.50 eh?


How cool are these things? They must be pretty cool because they’re dead I suppose… But you should know how much I love skulls and I thought these were pretty wicked (get it?)

I’m so so excited for Halloween not only because my costume is going to be AWESOME but because I love all the decorations and weird food and having lots of fun with friends.

These were only 50p each from the Sainsbury’s Halloween range.


I’m all about that holographic look and I knew I needed to add this to my growing collection. I love the bluey, greeny colours which remind me of icicles and snow – perfect for winter.

I like to layer sparkly polishes so this would look fab over a blue or black. This beauty was only £1.50 from fabulous Primark.


The last thing I’m going to show you is this floaty floral. I’m really getting into florals at the mo which is not like me because they’re pretty girly and soft. But I really like this piece because it’s slightly cropped and the arms have slits all the way down which makes it that bit more interesting.

I think this would look great paired with some high-waisted jeans for work or a nice meal out. I like the dark purples and blues because it makes it have a wintery feel contrasted against the black. This was only £3 on sale from Primark and I’m excited to pair it with some bits in my wardrobe.

There we are… The majority of things I bought today.

I also bought a few bits for Halloween which might just make an appearance in a post soon so keep your eyes peeled.

But for now, Au Revoir!

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