REVIEW: Primark’s Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons

As some of you may know, I absolutely love Primark and their make up range is no exception.


I have been using the Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons for a while now but I’ve only just thought about doing a post because I’ve realised how brilliant they really are, especially for the price.

I have a fair few of the crayons including one of their Lip Liner Pencils too which I like to pair with a few other lipsticks.

First off, I’ve swatched all of the colours for you to get a closer look at…


Left to right: Uncovered, Brown, Hustle, The Lip Liner in Vamp, Light Brown, Shameless, Purple and Nude.

There is quite a variation of the different colours I have but I like to have a bit of a selection  to match my crazy wardrobe and make up looks.

The Darks

If you know me, you know I love to pull off a dark red/purple lip because I think they really suit my cat eye look and give my make up look a bit of an edge.


Two of these shades, the Brown and Shameless ones, are super similar but the Shameless has more of a deep burgundy tone whereas the Brown is a tad bit more woody and dark.

I love the Purple shade because I have had so many compliments when wearing it and it adds such a pop of colour to any look. I wear this when I’m feeling a bit more fun and to events (it looks great on photos too).

The Lip Liner is such a great shade of red in the shade Vamp. I have been pairing this under my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Budapest lately and it lasts all day.


My absolute favourite combo at the moment – especially for Autumn!

The Lights

When I’m not feeling super adventurous and I’m looking for a softer look, I turn to the nudes.


Again, two shades are super similar which are the Uncovered shade and the Nude shade. The only difference between them is the slightly brighter Nude shade which is a little more pink and girly compared to the barely there Uncovered.

The Light Brown shade (second on the left) is an odd one because in some light it’s very light and subtle but in others, it adds a lilacy brown shade which is slightly unflattering.

The Hustle shade is a light reddy orange which is PERFECT for Autumn; it’s not too dark and not too light.


Here are my favourites of the lot, Hustle, Vamp and Uncovered. I probably use these the most out of all of them but not because of the quality, just simply because of the shades.

Overall, I think Primark have really stepped up their game in terms of make up, especially with these beauties.

I love their newly branded PS range and PS PRO which is the higher end of Primark make up.

I really love these Matte Crayons because they’re only £2 a pop and so pigmented. They last for a good few hours so only a few top ups are needed after eating or drinking and they’re so handy just to pop in your bag.

What’s really great is that they do the Lip Liner Pencils in the corresponding shades to each crayon -super handy.

Have you tried Primark‘s beauty range? What are your thoughts?

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