The Blogger’s Christmas Calendar Swap

You’re probably wondering what on earth this post is on about. Well, let me explain…

Jess from An Ounce Of Grace and myself have decided to set up a swap where blogger’s can create their own advent calendar to send to another blogger and receive one in return.


We decided to come up with this because there are so so many beauty advent calendars out there and we can’t decide on the ones we want. This then led to making our own advents for each other and making them really personal.

As bloggers ourselves, we wanted to see if other bloggers wanted to get involved and try this out for a bit of fun!

We’ve had quite a few say they’re interested so far which is, of course, fantastic news!

I’ve already started buying the products myself for this box which I am super excited about putting together.

What we think could be included in the box are: beauty products, haircare products, fashion accessories, sweets, stationary or even socks! Anything which you think someone would enjoy.

As me and Jess are sort of organising this swap, we wanted to just lay down a few T&Cs which we would like everyone to follow if possible.

  1. There must be 25 mini gifts which must all fit in a shoe box (or a box of that size) which can be posted out to your given blogger.
  2. The gifts can be between 50p- £3 each or homemade if you’re feeling super creative.
  3. Everything must be wrapped and labelled with a number between 1-25.
  4. We recommend a min spend of £15 and a max spend of £30 so everyone can receive something as good as they give.
  5. This box MUST be sent off to the blogger we give you by NO LATER than the 25th of November.
  6. When you have opened all of your gifts and the 25 days are up, you have to write a post with what you received and who they were from.
  7. Send me and Jess a photo of what you are sending out and we will decide on the most creative who will win a super awesome gift.

So there we are! If this sounds right up your street and you’d like to get involved, please email us at

Happy wrapping! #bloggersxmascalendar