The Palfrey Pre-Opening Lunch

If you know Derby like I do, you’ll know that it has a rich history with world-famous cobbled streets dotted with some of the best bars and restaurants around these days.

Sadler Gate is up there with the best of the best when it comes to intricate architecture and something that catches your eye.

Just off Sadler Gate is the Old Blacksmith’s Yard which is everything it sounds…


It’s age-old cobblestone and antique buildings make you feel like you’re part of the Victorian era, apart from the fact you’re wearing Converse with a big ass camera in hand (well I was anyway).

After being invited to the Old Blacksmith’s Yard’s new fancy bar and restaurant, The Palfrey, me and my bestie Jess (An Ounce of Grace) decided to have a wander down.

The event was planned for 12pm-3pm which was pretty cool because a lot of the events I have been to have been in the evening. This gave us time to have plenty of cocktails afterwards before another event we were attending.

On first impressions, it looked very crisp, bright and sleek – everything you’d expect from a bar/restaurant on Sadler Gate.


Once you walked in the door, everything was very suited to their name – stable themed but obviously without the hay and horses.

After having a good nosey around the interesting decor, we spoke to the bartender about their drinks.


I love their leather and wood look which gives it a lot of character and makes it feel quite upmarket and classy. It almost has that smoking lounge feel where you’d wear a velvet robe with a glass of scotch.

After going through their HUGE list of cocktails, me and Jess both decided on one of their specials, the Coconut Mule.

It was a blend of Absolut vodka, coconut syrup, ginger beer and lime topped with coconut shavings. It sounds super tangy and my, it was; but it was pretty yummy and quite warming.

Just like a lot of their glassware, crockery and utensils, it was served in a copper tin cup which was stunning.


After sipping our drinks and taking a seat by the bar, we were greeted by our lovely waitress, whose name has escaped my mind, and shown to our table in the upstairs restaurant.

I quite like that the downstairs was the bar area which was adorned with stools and sofas; perfect for a casual chinwag and a pint.

The upstairs is set with a good few tables in a cosy L shape with the kitchen bang in the middle. It’s quite open so you can see your food being made which I really like, it shows they have nothing to hide.


We were then presented with their menu where we could choose two courses – we went for the main and dessert because there was something I had my eye on…

I chose to have the New York Deli sandwich which had salt beef, mustard, lettuce, Swiss cheese, gherkins (which I chose not to have) and slaw on the side. I also had a side of sweet potato fries because YUM.

Jess chose their Spiced Rum and Honey Glazed Ham sandwich which sounded pretty unique but smelled yummy!


How fancy does this look? My salad was served in a tiny colander and my fries were served in a plant pot which I think just makes it look unique and special.

A lot of restaurants these days just use those wooden boards which I think has got a bit boring now so to see something different was nice.

I wasn’t that keen on the slaw because that’s just me but the salad was dressed just enough to add a zing and was fresh and crisp.

The fries were cooked to absolute perfection, not soggy or burnt. They were crispy, served hot and and perfect with a dash of salt.

Now the sandwich… The bread was certainly soft and freshly baked, the beef was melt in your mouth and flavoursome. I love Swiss cheese as it is so of course that was a winner. The lettuce and mustard sauce tied the whole pile together perfectly and it had so many flavours going on. Delicious.

My only criticism would be that we were not offered any sauces which I think will come in practice.

After our plates were cleared, we were offered the dessert menu which OBVIOUSLY I agreed to.

After already spying the menu online earlier in the day, I already fancied the Rhubarb & Custard Creme Brulee.


The brulee was served with ginger stem biscuits which were so crunchy and flavourful, perfect to dunk in a cuppa.

The creme brulee was yummy but lacked rhubarb flavour, in my opinion. You could tell it was there because it was slightly stringy but I love the sharp smack in the face rhubarb gives you, but there were only hints of it.

Other than that, I loved their selection of foods because it was like nothing I have seen in Derby previously.

The Palfrey has deli boards, sandwiches, salads, street food and comfort food all on offer and that’s just on their lunch menu!

Their drinks menu is also ridiculously big, although they weren’t printed when we had arrived so we just took recommendations from the kind bartender.


What’s so great about this place is the striking decor which feels very personal to this venue, their food selection and the relaxed atmosphere. This place feels very civilised and not somewhere you’d get trollied doing cheap shots on a night out.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated vibe with great cocktails and speciality foods, then this is your place!

Thank you to the lovely guys at The Palfrey for making us feel so welcome and inviting us along to the pre-party.

This wonderful building opened it’s doors just this Friday the 21st so get yourselves down for a drink or five.

If you want to check out their website, you can here.

You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.