Rush Nottingham Launch Event

Last week I was invited to go along to Nottingham’s Rush Hair and Beauty salon which was soon to open to have a nosey around and see exactly what they have to offer.


Little did I know that there would be so many bloggers there, just like me!

When me and Jess (An Ounce of Grace) arrived, we were greeted by some of the lovely staff and handed a glass of Prosecco (great touch) with a strawberry in which made us feel classy as hell. We also were given lanyards with name tags on and our blog names which is the first time I’ve ever been given anything of the sort!


After enjoying the Prosecco and our coats were taken, we were given a mini tour of the downstairs and then taken upstairs to their huge styling space which was filled with a heck of a lot of bloggers, some we knew and some we didn’t.

It was quite deceiving actually because downstairs feels quite compact when you’ve got about 20 people in there but then you get to the top of the staircase and it’s a whole different ball game. It is pretty massive up there which allows you room to breathe and it makes it spacious and airy for customers.


After catching up with some of our blogger friends, I went over to have my hair styled at the braiding station.

I spoke to the lovely stylist called Aaron who was so friendly and he said he knew the perfect style for my hair.

As I had my hair clipped back because it was due for a wash, he thought that keeping it off my face (the place was HOT) would be the best thing for me.

He took my existing grips out of my hair and starting plaiting away.


He mentioned that my natural boho waves looked perfect paired with plaits for a festival chic look.

I try and embrace my natural waves as much as I can but sometimes they just irritate me so I just shove it in a messy bun and make no effort with it.


Here’s a cheeky snap that Jess took when I was getting my hair done – so us.

Once Aaron had finished with my pretty plaits, I thanked him and I suddenly got like 5 compliments on how cute it looked.

I’d love to try his method of dutch plaiting but taking pieces from the back instead of the front like I usually do. I think this style would look great with some floral pieces intertwined for a wedding or a festival.

After having a gawk at myself in the mirror every five seconds, we then mingled with a few other bloggers that I had not met before and got to know a good few people which is always nice at events like these.

It was crazy how quickly the time went and before we knew it, it was half past 7!

Jess then chose to get her hair styled in a funky updo which made her look like she belonged on a catwalk!


Yep, yet another silly selfie but we’re just so good at them!

Also, A LOT of selfies were taken over the course of the night including this gem by Sherry (Sherry Scribbles) it’s quite something isn’t it?


I had such an incredible time after one too many Proseccos (oops) and mingling with so many new faces.

Rush also gifted us with goodie bags which were super cute and contained some right steals.


So here is what the bag included alongside my ID lanyard. I think my favourite thing might just have to be this 72 Hair Blow Dry Cream  which I have been using nonstop recently – it leaves your hair so soft and hydrated!

I also can’t wait to use the complimentary blowdry card next time I am in Notts. Rush is also so accessible because it’s right near the famous square and next door to Primark. Shopping and getting your hair done, what could be a better combo? Oh right, add in a cocktail or two.

I want to thank Rush for such a wonderful evening, I really enjoyed myself! Also thanks to Claire Reynolds for inviting me to the event and making us all feel so special.