Autumn and Winter Shopping

On a quest for Kane’s birthday and some Christmas presents yesterday, I managed to pick up a few things for myself which, as always, is expected.

I can’t buy presents for everyone else and not myself can I? Well I could but that wouldn’t be as exciting.


My bag was THAT HEAVY I couldn’t lift it off my bed… oops?

I love getting home from a long day of shopping to gazillions of bags and emptying them everywhere, finding things I’d totally forgot that I had bought – especially during Christmas time.

Because Halloween is over tomorrow, this marks the start of the Christmas period for me and it’s my absolute favourite time of year. Eating everything in sight, baking, going out to parties and get together’s and wrapping up by the fire and watching festive films with a nice hot chocolate. PERFECTO.

So of course, shopping for the ultimate winter wardrobe and dressing table is the perfect way to start celebrating the festive season.

Although a bought a lot of things for the Blogger’s Christmas Calendar Swap (read all about it here) I did buy myself a few goodies.

The first thing I want to show you guys is this sparkly number.


It’s a twinkling, cold shoulder long sleeved top that’s ever so slightly cropped, is perfect for the winter season and I think it’d look perfect with my green leather skirt and my new favourite boots.

I’ve had to buy this top in a 14 (I’m usually a 12) just because they all look tiny but they seem to stretch slightly when you have them on. This was only £6 from Primark and it’s the perfect Christmas party top!


Dry shampoo is a total must for me during the colder months, simply because if I wash my hair too much, it seriously dries it out so using this, it keeps it fresh looking as I’m not washing it as much.

I love this particular one in Brilliant Blonde because when I use it, there’s no white patches and the colour is the perfect shade for my hair. It smells refreshing and it’s a total lifesaver, especially when it’s messy bun updo day.

This was on offer in Boots for £1.98.


I’ve recently had a huge obsession with white marble and these just HAD to come home with me. I want marble wallpaper in the bedroom but I cannot find any anywhere!

My sister picked these up and immediately threw them in my basket and for a quid, can you really go wrong?

The only thing I’m not keen on with these is the shape. I’m not a huge fan of stupidly long nails because they just irritate me but I’ve tried cutting false nails recently and they look just as good, if not better.

These dolls were from Primark at £1 a pop.


Yep I purchased yet another one of my trusty blender sponges. I find these so helpful instead of using an actual beauty blender because it gives me more precision and I feel a lot more comfortable using it.

It was from Primark for £1.50.


After discovering my long lost love for matte lipsticks, I thought I’d try out this lovely. I’ve heard so many people raving about this and now I know why…

It’s so pigmented and it stays put for a loooong time – it was that long that when I tried to wipe it off my hand after swatching, it would not budge.


The shade I chose was Dash which is like a nudey pink that would add a pop of colour to any look.

Also Superdrug have 3 for 2 on all cosmetics at the mo so I purchased a few other bits  for my Blogger Christmas Calendar.

This was only £3 and I can’t wait to go and try some more of MUA’s Luxe range.

Next up is my absolute favourite purchase for a long long time.


The wonderful velvet booties which are HOT this season.

I’ve been lusting after a pair for a good month now but I’ve never had a reason to buy them, well I didn’t now, but they were too pretty to say no to.

The best part was the price in my opinion. I’ve seen pairs floating around for about £30 and that was just too much for me. But then I saw these, for £15 (!!!!) in Primark and the last pair in my size.


I am so beyond pleased with myself and I can tell why they’re flying off the shelves everywhere. They’re soft, comfy with the perfect heel height. I think I’ll pair these with chunky tights and a pretty skirt or with jeans for a more casual look.


I’ve been in desperate need of a new concealer brush lately so I picked this up from Bodycare. I use two different types of concealer now, a nude one and a green one for covering my red patches.

This was only £1.99 and will last me until Christmas when I’m getting a whole brand new kit!


Look at how beautiful my new coat is?! I’ve been looking for a new coat which is smart and something I can wear to a party or for a special occasion and this was just perfect!

It’s like the ultimate Cruella Deville coat and I cannot wait to wear it! I think it’ll look fab paired with a cute dress and heels or boots.


The faux fur around the collar is also detachachable with buttons inside which will be fab for when I’m not feeling as fabulous.

This beauty was only £28 from Primark which Kane said he’ll give me money back for as part of my Christmas present (best guy ever) ?!

The last thing on my list is my usual cleanser.


This baby is perfect for refreshing your face and making it feel clean and bright. it also removes make up smoothly and leaves no greasy residue on your skin which is always nice.

I love using this on a daily basis to remove my make up and leaving my skin feeling soft before bed.

I got this from Bodycare for a pound.

I did buy A LOT more stuff this weekend but a lot of it was Kane’s birthday presents and my calendar fillers which will be up in another post in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading and if there’s anything you want some more info on or you love anything, please let me know 🙂

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