Yo Sushi in Derby Celebrates It’s First Birthday

This Friday evening (the 11th of November) marks a whole year since Yo Sushi opened up in Derby’s Intu centre food court!


I was kindly invited to celebrate with them and try out some of their huge menu which has over 100 dishes (that’s a lot of food).

After finishing work and doing a spot of Christmas shopping, me and Kane took a walk over and were seated by the lovely waiter, Josh.


We explained we’d never been before but we were interested to see what the fuss was all about.

He explained the procedure, you could grab any of the dishes that took your fancy on the conveyor belt and you order what you couldn’t spot.

After gawking at the menu for a while, we decided on a few dishes we wanted to try and let our waiter know.

After staring at the conveyor belt for a while, we decided to grab one of the dishes, the Spicy Chicken roll which was actually so spicy…


These were interesting to say the least, the chicken and rice was super yummy but the sauce had sort of an acquired taste that I’m not sure I fancied.

One of our other dishes had arrived to, the Inari which is a dumpling parcel filled with sweet rice.


These were simple yet delicious and I would definitely eat these and be quite content. I’m a big fan of the simple foods (boring, I know).

After scoffing these down and attempting to use chopsticks, which was an epic fail by the way, one of my favourite dishes arrived!


I get all heart eye emoji over Chicken Katsu curry and I was not disappointed!

I have tried these several times at Wagamamas and loved them but Yo Sushi’s has much more flavour!

Some of our other dishes arrived at the same time too which were the plain Yakisoba and the Chicken Teriyaki.


I love noodles anyway so these were lovely with a dash of soy sauce and the Teriyaki… OMG! These were incredible.

They were so flavoursome and had a sticky sweet taste which we just loved! These were gone in seconds…

Kane’s main dish then arrived which was exactly what was described on the menu… The sumo portion.


This was the Curry Beef Ramen and it certainly packed a punch! The beef looked tender, the ramen aplenty and the sauce tasted similar to what was served with the Spicy Chicken rolls – hot hot hot!

I tried a spoonful and it had huge amounts of flavour and very tasty – but I just prefer my Chicken Katsu too much. I’m a plain kinda gal!

To accompany our meals, Kane persuaded me to try some Sake with him which I was pretty nervous about. I knew what it was, I’d seen it in TV shows but I was unsure about trying it myself.

It was 13.5% and was accompanied by tiny shot glasses.


Although a warm version was available, we opted to try the chilled option with a side of Sprite to wash it down with…

I must say, it has an odd taste but I can see why people drink it; it’s smooth and certainly gets to your heard after a few mini shots!

We polished off the bottle after our mains and tried another traditional Japanese drink Ramune.


This was a weird one because it reminded me of a sort of cream or bubblegum soda and was very drinkable!

It came equipped with a glass marble in the neck of the bottle which made drinking it feel like a game. We found this funnier that it probably was after a good few shots of Sake.

After pondering what to have for dessert while Kane finished of his ramen, I spotted some Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi balls on the conveyor belt and grabbed them.


I’ve tried a version of these in Wagamamas before but these were a lot softer and had more flavour to them. They’re little balls of sweet yumminess and I really need to try them more often!

Kane has an obsession with apple desserts and when he spotted the Apple Gyozas on the menu, he ordered some.


They were served warm with hot salted caramel sauce which was perfect with the tart apple filling.

These were so delicious and remind me of a posh version of the apple pies at McDonald’s.

By this point we were so stuffed and needed a cup of tea and a lie down!


Josh, our waiter, offered us some 15% off vouchers along with a comment card and a free plate for next time which we will definitely be using soon; Yo Sushi have won me over!

Thanks to the guys at Yo Sushi for the great evening trying new foods and getting us slightly drunk!

You can find their website here if you fancy a browse!