Decorating Our House For Christmas

I bet you’re wondering why you’re seeing this post in the middle of November?

Well… we decorated our house early for Christmas. Yes, sad I know but were just SO EXCITED!


I’ve not completely finished perfecting everything just yet as we need more tinsel to put over the mirror and photo frames. I also want some in our bedroom to make me wake up feeling festive.

First of all, I just want to show you guys the jumper my mum has bought me to wear on Christmas day…


GAHHHH I love it! If you know me, you know how much I just love Polar Bears so when I spotted this, my eyes lit up.

It’s so soft and warm and the Polar Bear is a fluffy wonder surrounded by sparkly snowflakes – fabulous, right?

Luckily my mum saw my face and she said I could have it for Christmas (yay go mum). It was £14 from George at Asda and you can find it here where they have 20% off womenswear at the mo so hurry!

Back to our house…



I’ve spruced up our fireplace with some festive touches including adding a Christmas countdown on our lightbox!

We’ve already bought our Advent Calendars from M&S just because their chocolates are tasty and their designs are different to anything I have seen.

I’m also looking forward to having my blogger advent calendar from the #bloggercalendarswap (which you can read all about here) to open everyday!


So let’s start with the base, the tree. This one was given to us by Kane’s dad as he had it spare and we needed one!

It’s covered in fibre optic lights (so helpful), holly, pinecones and a snowy frost effect which I just love! It has a really wintery, homey feel instead of a plain tree which looked decorated enough by itself.

Onto decorations and we started with tinsel.


We have gone for a red and silver theme this year which brightens up our grey and white living room.

We’ve got different shades of silver with the traditional shiny, a matte/white silver, a dark pewter colour which blends so well with the tree and, of course, the classic red.

These were a £1 each (2 metres) from Wilko.


You can’t have a tree without a good lot of beading…

I think these are so pretty when draped across the tree and these added a classic touch – when we got it right.

These were from Wilko for 75p each.


Gotta love a good bauble, huh?

Well we got 24 in total and it was just enough! There was also a good mix of styles including matte, shiny, glittery and different shades of red.

These were £2.50 each from Wilko.


I also wanted to make our tree feel quite personal and ‘us’ so I grabbed these hearts which were from Wilko for a quid.

I also fell in love with these snowflakes which are the glitteriest things ever… I’m still finding glitter in my hair now!

These were from the Pound Shop for 12 which was a great deal – they’re so pretty!


This has to be my favourite thing we’ve bought for the tree. I had my eye on these last year but I never managed to get any and since we have our own tree this year, I knew I needed to give them a home.

They’re soft to touch and super light so they don’t wear your tree branches down.

I got these babies from Asda for £4.


In the end, this is what our tree looks like.

I know the snowflake on top is a tad bit wonky but we CANNOT get it any straighter! I love this because I know it’s not perfect but we did it together and we had a laugh putting it together.


We’ve also got a few extras to put up around the living room including these.

I have cardholder pegs and string which I think it such a cute idea to have strung across a wall, showcasing all the fabulous Christmas cards we’ll hopefully get. This was only £1 from Wilko.

I also decided to buy these fairy lights because I want to be able to have all the lights off with the candles flickering and twinkly lights on to get me right in the Christmas spirit.

There’s nothing better than being tucked up with a Christmas film and a hot chocolate and I just can’t wait!


You can’t have a fireplace without a  stocking during December and how gorgeous is this one?! I wanted a silver one and I spotted this lovely in the Pound Shop – perfecto!

I also got some white chocolate silver coins to pop in our stockings which were only 50p from Wilko.


How cute is this?! I’m a sucker for slate and certainly tartan so when I saw this in the Pound Shop, I needed to have it!

I think it’s such a steal, especially for the price and it’s dangling from my fireplace, looking lovely.


Yep, Polar Bears again.

I got them both from one of my good friends last Christmas and the one with the bow, is a candle! It smells so Christmassy and I can’t wait to burn it again this year.

These are standing proudly along the bottom of my fireplace in the prime spot so I can gush at how cute they are all winter.


Last but definitely not least is my Polar Bear head. Yes, I know it’s a bit odd but it’s so funny and Kane’s the one who pointed it out.

It’s affixed onto the wall like you would a deer head. It’s perfect because it’s wearing a silver and red scarf which matches our theme to the tee.

Little does Kane know that this is staying up all year round because it’s so so cool.

So there we are, my living room and how I have decorated it for the festive period. What do you think?


My mum (the babe) has also bought me some Christmas bedding which I am so siked about! It’s also brushed cotton which feels sooooo soft and will keep us so warm this December.

The cover has an aztec Polar Bear design and the sheets have a matching star pattern on. These were all from Asda and they have a huge selection of Christmas bedding in at the mo.

I’m so ready to put these on my bed but I might just wait a few weeks to make them last until Christmas!

I hope you liked my slightly early Christmas post and let me know what you think our decorating skills?

If you see any Polar Bear decorations out there PLEASE let me know…