Singh’s Blogger Evening

On the first of December, I was invited over to Singh’s in Nottingham for a blogger evening to try out their new menu selection, see their refurbed decor and even learn how to cook a few things!


The event ran in partnership with Tank PR group and the lovely Dan & James were there on hand to enjoy the experience with us and answer any questions. We were also given ID lanyards to wear for the evening.

Singh’s is located at the top of Market Street, just a stone’s throw away from the Theatre Royal – perfect for that pre-theatre meal.

Little did I know that Singh’s was all about their Fine Dining and keeping everything as luxury and as classic as possible; even the menus were astonishing. I even heard someone compare them to wedding invites!


They have a large and very detailed menu, different to a anything I had previously seen in an Indian restaurant.

I’m not really used to eating Indian food out, we usually just order from our local curry house in Derby and are totally happy with that. But oh my, Singh’s have made me realise how amazing Indian food can really be.

My usual choice of food would be a garlic and cheese naan, pilau rice, Chicken Tikka Masala, chips and some veggie samosas. I would now happily venture out and try different dishes!


First up I tried the Anaanaas Colada cocktail (they accidentally made two but I didn’t complain) which is very similar to a Pina Colada just with added cayenne pineapples.

They were refreshing, creamy and delicious – perfect company for spicy food!

We were then offered poppadoms, a choice of dips and some canapes.



The dips were thick mango chutney, pickles and a mint yoghurt. The canapes or Amuse Bouche were referred to as palate cleansers, they were crisp and packed full of flavour.

There were two flavours, a Garlic Mushroom with a hint of ginger and a Mint and Coriander Chicken Tikka. These were teeny and delicious even though I’m not a big mushroom fan.

Next up to taste were the Tarango Chicken Tikka pieces (my favourites of the night) which have an interesting back story.


There were three different flavours/colours and they represented the Indian flag, green, orange and white (very clever).

The green chicken was super spicy and was marinated in coriander, mint and chilli.

The yellowy orange chicken was saffron mix.

The white chicken was a marination of black pepper, lychee and a hint of Philadelphia.

Aside from the green chicken being a little on the hot side for me, they were beyond belief. They were juicy, dripping in flavour and pretty big pieces too.

Next up were the lamp chops to die for…


Apologies for the blur, I wanted to just jump in.

Me and Jess decided to share one of these as they were pretty big and we were getting a teeny bit full.

They had been marinated in Mr Singh’s secret recipe and just melted in your mouth. They had a good kick but weren’t too spicy at all. I’d never have though that lamb chops could taste soooo good!

I then chose another cocktail from their large drinks menu.


This is The Dehli Cosmopolitan made with Vodka, cranberry juice and a dash of lime and orange – perfectly tart and zingy.

The final starters/appetisers to be showcased were these monsters.


On the left was cod loin, marinated with tandoori sauce; I didn’t end up trying this one because fish and curry flavours just do not seem right to me.

But on the right is a Veg Bhujya which is a traditional Onion Bhaji – let me tell you this was HEAVEN. It was certainly crispy, soft and had so much flavour, not just a punch of onion.

I’m not 100% on Onion Bhajis but I could eat these every day of the week.

By this point I was teetering on full but I knew I just had to try the mains.

First some Peshwari naans and Garlic naans were brought out, both delicious by the way.

Then a whole lot of curry…


On the left was the Kashmiri Karahi Chicken which is a REAL Chicken Korma as opposed to the fakes out there. This was light, creamy and had a pinch of coconut but had so much more depth than a usual Korma.

The middle was Rajasthani Ghost which was their Grandma’s recipe but a bit too spicy for me.

The leftie was their Lamb shank curry, the Dum Ki Nalli paired with Keema curry sauce. I didn’t get to try a lamb shank but the sauce was thick, rich and very edible.

We also had some Pilau Rice to share and some fried Chappatis which tasted just like pancakes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the copious amounts of food that were given to us and I was really so full.

By then we had the chance to go into the kitchen and see how naan breads were made by Mr Singh himself.

He asked what we’d like and I quickly asked for a Garlic & Cheese Naan (my favourite).

He had the dough fresh, added grated cheese to the dough, rolled it out, sprinkled ground garlic on top and threw it in the Tandoor cooker.

This really was something as I had never known how they were made and it only took TWO MINUTES.

Mr Singh then plated the naan up, smothered it in garlic butter and cut it into pieces. he offered it round but everyone was so full from their food, they couldn’t eat a thing. I then asked if I could take it home and it was wrapped up for me (WIN).

Some of us managed to grab a quick photo with Mr Singh and his two sons, Kieran and Lakh too!


Thank you so so much to Singh’s for a wonderful night and so much food, it was spectacular. I also want to thank Tank PR for inviting me along to the event and for being ever-helpful.

I can’t wait to go back in the new year as I won a competition recently for a free meal for two, I’m sure Kane will enjoy it just as much!

You can find Singh’s website here if you fancy a gander.