*Pick N Melt Christmas Wonder Scents

After being on the hunt for festive smelling candles, Pick N Melt got in touch with me about trying out their Christmas wax pack to try out.

I was NOT missing out on the chance to make my home smell like a winter wonderland and so, of course, I agreed and MY GOODNESS, I have not regretted it.


They contacted me through Twitter and notified me of the whole process, when they were sending them out and when I should receive them.

Super helpful by the way so you don’t have that dreaded missed parcel slip through your door.

Everything came in a big cardboard box which included a lovely letter addressed to me, a bag full of melts, a leaflet with all of their scents in and even a wax warmer (seriously didn’t expect this)!


The wax melts came in a huge range of their festive flavours including: Mistletoe & Wine, Robin Red Breast, Festive Tree, Christmas Time, Snow, Cocoa & Log Fire, Frankincense & Myrrh and finally Christmas Spice.

The smell was overwhelming when I opened the box, but when I sniffed them separately, they were all different and certainly screamed Christmas.

I think my favourites of the lot have to be the Christmas Time and Snow – they’re not too overpowering and have quite sweet smells.


They also included a tea light to warm up the wax and let the scent fill the room within minutes.

If you don’t have a wax burner, you seriously need to buy one, they’re so easy to clean and they’re a great alternative to scented candles (cheaper too).

Pick N Melt is a great idea. It’s like a subscription service where you pay £8 a month for 20 bags of melts, 6 that you pick yourself, 3 smells tailored to you and 2 guest scents.

There is also a supreme package where you receive 30 bags of melts. These include 10 scents of your choice, 3 tailored to you and 3 guest scents. I presume you receive a couple of bags of each to add up the numbers.

You can subscribe to their party package here!


Pick N Melt also offer the Christmas pack, just like I have received, for £12 which includes a wax warmer and 16 bags of festive treats which is such a  great gift idea! I’m even thinking of getting one or two to gift myself… The more you buy, the cheaper they are too.

They also offer a RIDICULOUSLY huge range of scented candles from pomegranate to aniseed and they’re priced at £8.99 each.

I can’t wait to be burnin’ these beauties all month long to really get my in the festive spirit!

Have you tried Pick N Melt?

*Pick N Melt gifted me the Christmas pack in exchange for a review but the views are all my very own. Seriously, how can you not love scented wax melts?