Intu Victoria Centre Christmas Blogger Event

Last Monday I had the pleasure of attending a festive blogging event at the Intu Victoria Centre.


When I saw the email crop up in my inbox, I was more than excited to get together with some of my favourite blogging gal pals and begin the Christmas festivities.

The event was based right next to the Clocktower dining quarter in the centre with a cosy living room vibe – kitted out by House of Fraser.



I loved the cottage vibe and it felt super wintery and cosy! We were greeted by some of the Intu staff and given a Thaikhun cocktail to try (super delicious by they way).

I have never tried there personally, but I’ll be sure to pay a visit next time I find myself in Nottingham; their food sounds tasty.


I think my cocktail tasted slightly like watermelon and it was very refreshing, perfect to sip whilst chatting to other bloggers.

Once everyone had arrived, we were told how the night would pan out and we got cracking!

There was a local arts and crafts designer who goes by the name of Super Super on hand to help out and guide us bloggers on sprucing up some old jumpers – festive style.

Although I brought along a Christmas jumper that Kane had bought me a few years ago, I was super nervous to wreck it so I decided against attacking it with a glue gun.


The station was absolutely huge and the bloggers who did take part looked like they were having so much fun!

Then the main event arrived, the froyo tray of dreams…


I had never heard of The Sloane Bros before but now I could worship at their feet. They have a mini stall downstairs in the Vic Centre which I’m sure is 100% always busy – how could you not be with froyo like this?

I suppose frozen yoghurt is a healthy alternative to ice cream but with that many goodies on top, I wasn’t really thinking about the calorie intake.


I chose a froyo with a caramel/toffee flavour topped with bourbons, a huge brownie chunk, gingerbread men, chocolate chips, desiccated coconut and finally a candy cane (very festive) to finish.

I am not going to lie, this was absolute heaven , so much so that I couldn’t finish it, it was so filling. I cannot wait to go to their shop and try different flavour combos soon!

At this point, we were feeling full and I was becoming slightly sleeping after a long day at work over in Derby.

It then came to trying out their virtual reality tree decorating… Sounds awesome right?!


The virtual station is located on the ground floor outside Boots and next to the MAHOOSIVE Christmas tree.

I had the chance to try these things out too. The headset we were using was the HTC Vive which was so surreal and like nothing I had ever tried before. VR is seriously something that I could get lost in for ours.

In the end, here is what my tree looked like…


I am so pleased with it and I might even pop this on next year’s Christmas cards (if I remember).

I had SOOO much fun at this event, especially catching up with a load of bloggers I had not seen in a while and meeting some fresh and familiar faces from Instagram and Twitter.

We were also kindly gifted a goodie bag from House of Fraser which I was super excited about!


Of course, the goodie bag was filled with some right beauties including: a Charlotte Tilbury perfume sample, some Aveda haircare, men’s Prada aftershave, some Clinique foundation and skincare bits and some chocolate coins with a candy cane from Intu.

The pink mini bag is also super cute and I might even re-use for gifting purposes.

I really enjoyed the event and I loved trying out the VR too, thank you to the Intu team for making me feel so welcome and special, to Cartwright Communications for inviting me, Sloane Brothers and Thaikhun for their yummy refreshments and House of Fraser for the wonderful goodies!

I love going to events like these and I really hope there is a lot more like it in the new year.

Thanks for reading!

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