What I Got For Christmas 2016 Edition

Hey guys, I hope you all had a wonderfully festive Christmas and got everything you wished for from good ‘ole Santa Claus!

I certainly did and I wanted to show you guys what I got because I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now!

I’ve decided to set this post out by who bought me what because there’s such a variety, making it hard to split up by categories.

First up, I’ll show you what Kane got me:


Me and Kane have started a new tradition of filling stockings for each other with a £20 limit which we open on Christmas Eve.

Thorntons Strawberry Dreams, a mini Bounty, Ferrero Rochers, a baby Polar Bear from M&S, Kinder Bueno, Thorntons Mocha Coffee chocolates and some M&S Polar Bear pals gummies.


Now onto presents…


Nike SBs.


K Pandora Bead and a Leo Pandora Bead.


Me To You teddy dressed as a Polar Bear (personal fave), Ferrero Rochers, Bruno Mars 24K Magic album, Calcot Manor Hand Duo and some lovely undies from Ann Summers.


Jimmy Choo Blossom perfume.

He also gave me £70 to buy some clothes for myself in the sales which will be coming up in my next post!

The next lot I want to show you is what I got from Kane’s mum’s side of the family:


Polar Bear Kinder Set, Polar Bear jammies, Chupa Chups candles and a Mockingjay perfume set.


Jack Wills body spray set.


Beauty Survival Kit, cupcake bath bombs and some mini nail files (so cute).

Now onto Kane’s Dad’s side of the family:


Polar Bear votive candle holder (pretty ornament too), Thorntons Snowman chocolate figure, HUGE Yankee Candle in Berry trifle scent, an Illuma-lid for Yankee Candle WITH POLAR BEARS ON and various scents of Yankee votives.

Next up is my Auntie & Uncle, Cousins, Great Aunt & Uncle and Mum’s Cousins.


Mini smart phone camera lenses, cocktails plaque, hot chocolate selection in the star tin, mason jar with Cosmo set, chocolate shortbread trees, cocktail lip balms, Diesel  Loverdose perfume, cocktail baubles, M&S baby chocolate Polar Bear and some cocktail chocolates.

Who’d have thought I like cocktails haha?

My Uncle and his family:


A Galaxy selection box and a super cute M&S gift set. They also got us a big box of Fox’s biscuits but we have already tucked into them.

I’ll go onto my Mum and Sister now and it sure is a lot…


Chamilia Royal Flush charm and moon and star necklace (heart eyes emoji).


Skull double duvet set and a super fluffy Polar Bear cushion.


Polar Bear jammies with matching socks.


The fluffiest Polar Bear slippers in existence!


Cocktail 2017 calendar, Katy Perry Mad Love perfume set, Lush Butterbear bath bomb, Soap & Glory Take Your Pink set, PIZZA JAMMIES (!!), fluffy Polar Bear jammies, Polar Bear socks, Sweet Christmas Lush set, Stardust nail polish, a Polar bear Candle, some grey and white lace undies, some black and blue skinnies, a striped polo neck top, a marble compact mirror and some cherry chocolate liqueurs.

Here’s what Kane’s best friend Miles got me:


Newt Scamander POP Vinyl Figure and a Kopparberg set for me and Kane to share (yeah right).

Here’s what my bestie Jess got me, minus a Cadbury chocolate bar that I ate (oops):


Polar Bear money box, marshmallow hand sanitizer, cherry socks (love them), Malteser chocolate reindeer, a robin tree dec, a Polar Bear tree dec and some muffin mix – so excited to bake by the way.

And last but certainly not least is everything from my lovely Nan:


Vintage Sky Pandora Charm.


Toni & Guy hairdryer, CK Shock perfume, Polar Bear pants, Toy Story pants, Andrew Barton Ultimate Blonde hair set and a Polar Bear snowglobe, mug and glass cup.

I also got a New Look gift card from our besties Max & Bethan which I have already spent in the sales.

I am so thankful to all our families and friends who bought us the most wonderful gifts and have made this Christmas extra special – especially because it’s our first in a house together.

I’ll have a post up very soon with what I bought in the sales too!

What did you get for Christmas? If you want to know where anything’s from just leave me a comment or tweet me at @jayleeallsopp xx

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