Why 2016 Was The Best Year To Date

I know 2016 has been a big one for celeb deaths, Brexit, Trump and the super weird weather but for me, it’s a pretty hard year to beat!

So many wonderful things have happened this year and I just want to show you some of my favourite parts.

1 – Getting Engaged

New Year’s Eve, at midnight, Kane proposed. It was the perfect way to celebrate the new year and such a shock for me.

We were at my auntie’s NYE party, having a drink and just going outside to watch the fireworks. Kane was taking ages to come outside so I shouted him out, he slowly walked over to the big group of us, some of my friends and most of my family included, and then got down on one knee. Everyone had their phones out taking photos and I just burst into tears. The ring was so beautiful and I just couldn’t believe it was happening to me. It took a few seconds to register in my head after he’d said the four big words but I spluttered out “of course I will” and popped the ring on my finger.


It was so emotional and it was all a blur for me, hugging everyone, crying, drinking Champagne, watching the fireworks and breathing it all in.

It was the perfect beginning to 2016 and nothing I’ll forget in a hurry.

2 – Developing my blog

After spending the first few months of the year gathering everything up for finishing uni, I couldn’t really focus a lot on my blog and found it really difficult finding the time for anything else.

After going to a blogging event in March at a local bar, I met a few bloggers and really found myself getting pulled into the blogging community – I loved it!


After finishing university early May, me and Jess (blogger bestie) started going to all these events, meet ups and just focusing on building up some content. It was hard work but so much fun too!

I have made so many lovely friends in the process though and worked with some incredible brands and venues. I really can’t wait to see what the new year holds for me!

3 – Moving in with Kane

After saving up for months and finally finishing university, Me and Kane moved in together on May the 27th.

It has been a long time coming and after getting engaged, we just wanted our own space and something to put our stamp on. Yep, it’s only a rented home but it gives us chance to save up to buy and gives us a real taste of what living with each other is like.


It’s been 7 months so far and we’re loving it! Cooking together, cleaning up, sharing a bed, building furniture and even food shopping – I just love it all.

We’re trying to figure out where we want to buy and attempting at saving too so hopefully within the next few years, we’ll have our own home.

4 – Graduating University

Something that I was so scared about doing was passing university, especially after such a rocky start to third year (I had a major operation).

But after moving in with my nan for the second term, I could really focus on getting the grades I wanted. I managed to pass with a 2:1 in Journalism with Honours and I am beyond proud of myself!


I had always hoped to graduate with a 2:1 but I didn’t think I was smart enough or had enough motivation, but somehow all my hard work paid off.

5 – Turning 21

I couldn’t quite believe that my birthday had come around so quick after such a busy year but it had soon turned August and time to PARTY.

I spent around 2 weeks celebrating with my family, friends and, of course, Kane.


I went out for food and cocktails multiple times, had a birthday BBQ, went out for afternoon tea with the lovely ladies, took a trip to Liverpool, had a TGI’s and cinema night and went shopping A LOT.

I was absolutely spoiled by everyone, which of course I loved, but it was nice to get back to reality after a few crazy weeks.

6 – Celebrating three years with Kane

August to December just flew by but it was a VERY busy few months in terms of events, writing my blog, work and Kane’s birthday.

But the the most special thing for me was celebrating three years together on the 8th of December with Kane.


Luckily, I was working in a collaboration with Intu Derby which meant we had our anniversary meal paid for at Pizza Express.

It happens to be one of our favourite restaurants and we had a lovely time with some delicious festive pizzas.

I think it’s great to celebrate anniversaries with your other half, simply because you can appreciate each other and you’ve hit a milestone in your relationship (YAY).

7 – Getting a new job

After spending six months in a job I wasn’t really happy with, a new opportunity came up and I am thrilled to ribbons.

I was applying for hundreds of marketing, media, PR and digital jobs and nothing was working out for me.

I managed to bag myself an interview mid-December for a marketing job at a magazine in the heart of Derby. However when I went for the interview, I came out with a job as a Journalist, actually writing for the magazine.

I am so so happy I have finally got a job where I can use my skills from University and in something I want to do.

I can’t wait to start in a few days time and really make 2017 my year.

What better way to celebrate NYE this year than celebrating with Kane and his family, drinking and laughing the night away? Here’s to 2017!


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