Just before Christmas, I won a competition on Facebook with our local pub for a meal for two and a bottle of Prosecco (woohoo)!

So on Friday evening, we decided to go ahead and finally claim it, just because I started my new job this week and I really didn’t feel like cooking…

I had booked a table earlier in the week for 6pm and we arrived on the dot – it’s super handy that we live only two minutes away!

We were greeted by the friendly bar man and a cheery waitress who I totally forgot the name of (so sorry), the owner also popped his head round and congratulated us on winning the competition and brought our Prosecco over.

After previously looking at their menu online (a habit of mine), I still couldn’t make up my mind, I was torn between a few different dishes.

To start, we shared the Pork Belly Strips, drizzled with sweet chilli sauce and accompanied by coriander rice.

I’ve never had a craving for pork belly before after some bad experiences but I thought I’d give it a go.

Within 10 minutes, our starter was in front of us, ready to be devoured…

The dish was steaming and had this aroma that made us jump right in! The pork belly melted in your mouth and we instantly fell in love with it.

The sweet chilli sauce gave the meat a sweet touch and tasted slightly Chinese – especially with the soft rice.

The chef has totally changed my opinion on belly pork and I even asked how he cooks it so we can cook it at home.

For our mains, we chose our favourites after much deliberation. I had an Italian homemade pizza covered in pepperoni, salami, pastrami and parsley (minus the olives).

Kane chose a bacon cheeseburger which comes with homemade fries and we ordered a cheesy garlic ciabatta to share.

Excuse the blurry photo of my pizza, I pulled away too quickly. Apologies!

The pizza was thin, super cheesy and had a good helping of the meats which was literally perfect for me. Sadly I only managed 3 slices before I was stuffed and they even let me box it up and take it home.

The garlic bread was hot, flavourful and very moreish.

Kane’s burger looked mega and very tasty at that. I tried a few of his chips and they were wonderfully crisp and had a kick of herbs which was certainly something.

He said his burger was juicy, slightly pink in the middle which he loves and had toppings aplenty.

At this point, we were about ready to pop and slightly tipsy from the Prosecco (oops).

We decided against dessert as I was about ready to fall asleep and the options weren’t to my tastes.

What I love about this place is that from the outside, it just looks like you usual pub but when you walk inside, it’s something different.

It has a shabby chic, woody vibe which has this warm feel and makes you want to settle in immediately.

The tables are oversized and authentic which is perfect for that cosy and friendly atmosphere. DO NOT underestimate this place, it is seriously amazing with some fabulous dishes on their newly updated menu.

Thank you guys SO MUCH for picking me as your winner and letting me try your wonderous food and drinks.

Check these guys out on Facebook here.


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The Bell & Castle Food Review

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