New Make Up Brushes

If you’ve been on my Instagram lately, you might have seen that I’ve invested in some new make up brushes which I was in DYER need of.

All of mine were mis-matched, grubby and just weren’t pretty to look at.

SO, after a long overdue update, I finally bought some newbies. Now I would LOVE to fill my make up pot with all the Real Tecnhiques goodies, but I simply cannot afford that commitment.

So I ended up buying one set of Real Techniques brushes and a set of the fakes from eBay.

I loved the Bold Metal collection from Real Techniques but they were just far too expensive for my liking.

Luckily eBay had some dupes for a pretty reasonable price for £5.39 which you can find here!

I’ve been wanting silver brushes for God knows how long and these were a pretty perfect choice.

The collection I chose has seven brushes altogether but there are sets out there with a number more if you need more of a selection.

I only use around 10 brushes in my daily make up routine so along with my Real techniques brushes, these added up to the perfect amount.

What I love about these is that they’re so soft and fluffy, perfect for blending! I also like how clean they look – no smudgy foundation marks on the handles.

I feel professional using them (I’m OBVIOUSLY not) and I love how light and pretty they are. Not bad for eBay huh?

During the Boxing Day sales, you might have seen these brushes make an appearance (read my post here).

I’ve been after some of these brushes for flipping ages at a reasonable price. Luckily, Asda had one collection left for £9 which is such a steal.

These brushes are a limited edition set in the Berlin style and design. They’re pretty perfect for me though because I love purple and funky patterns.

I also think they go wonderfully with the silver brushes I bought.

What I also love about these brushes is they have their functions written on them which is great for an amateur like me HA.

Since using them for a week or so, I’ve noted how wonderful these are at blending! Not only for eyeshadow but for contour/blush too.

I’m seriously impressed with beauties, so much so, I’m thinking of saving up for a larger selection.

I’ve also been wanting to try some Spectrum brushes though, what do you guys think?

To be honest, I’m super happy with both of the brush collections and they look wonderful on my make up drawers.

What do you think to my choices? Do you have any other suggestions for make up brushes?

Tata my lovelies x

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