Two Days As A Foodie

Hello all, I hope Monday isn’t treating you too badly…

Last week, I went out A LOT for food and I just wanted to show guys the wonderful things I tried and tasted.

It started Wednesday around 12pm – it was Kane’s day off work and payday (woohoo) so he decided to treat me to lunch at my favourite place.

Pizza Express has been a firm favourite of mine ever since I got a Tastecard way back in Freshers as part of my bank scheme (yay Natwest).

When asked where I fancied for lunch, of course I said here. Not only because their food is incredible but because it’s so easily accessible in Intu.

I’m usually all about the pizza from Pizza Express but I fancied a change this time so I chose to have their winter special – Pennette Formaggi.

This is one of their starter dishes but it is also available as a main which I was totally up for.

It’s a fancy mac and cheese baked with three cheeses and then sprinkled with parmesan. I also chose to add N’duja sausage to pack a punch.

Kane chose a Canneloni pasta dish which was a filled ravioli plate. We also had dough balls to side because they’re simply delish.

Later that evening, we were invited to one of our favourite bars on Friar Gate, The Orange Tree, to celebrate Burns Night.

The night consisted of live entertainment, deli boards, gin teapots and a good laugh.

After being seated and catching up with another one of my local fave bloggers, Sophie from Sophie’s Notebook, we ordered a Bramble gin teapot to share.

The venue is simply beautiful and there is always something that catches your eye including their extensive cocktail & gin menu…

Their was a live duo, Emzae, playing who were wonderfully relaxing and added a touch of sass to the atmosphere.

Our deli board arrived shortly and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

We chose some homemade Yorkies, beef and two of the five cheeses on offer with chutney and oatcakes.

The Yorkshire puddings were crispy and fluffy inside, the beef was tender and the cheeses were tangy and perfectly accompanied by the chutney.

After polishing off our teapot full of gin and our deli board, we decided to head off because Kane had work super early the following day.

The rest of the Scottish themed night offered a whisky tasting session, spoken word and another live music act which we sadly missed out on.

The following day (Thursday) I met up with my bestie Jess for lunch and a catch up, something we try to do every week.

We wanted somewhere cheap and somewhere we’d never been before whilst still yummy.

After strolling around for a few minutes, we came across this cute little place called The Good Green Cafe on Sadler Gate.

The story is in the name really, the menu was green orientated with smoothies, milkshakes and a selection of hot drinks.

I chose a Strawberry Fields milkshake and Jess a strawberry and banana smoothie.

We also chose the same meal – a bacon, brie and blueberry ciabatta topped with rocket and a HUGE side salad.

We chose to share some wedges too which were crisp and perfectly salted.

The warm wonder was tasty and was super filling. I also asked for the blueberry relish on the side as I was unsure of how it would taste but it was unusual and delightful.

After polishing off our lunch pretty swiftly, we paid our bill and trekked back out in the FREEZING weather.

Later that evening, I was still full from lunch to eat anything to huge.

So I decided to make breakfast for tea along with bribing Kane to let me eat the last of the bacon.

Sometimes you just need a comforting meal and this was exactly that. We had toasted muffins topped with scrambled egg, grilled bacon and, of course, tomato sauce.

Since using a Christmas gift card to buy a George Foreman grill, we are OBSESSED. Our bacon tastes much more crisp and it drains all the fat away which is so much better for our arteries.

So there you are, just a few days of what I’ve been eating (apart from breakfast which is always yoghurt).

I hope you enjoyed reading and have maybe taken some inspiration from places to eat in little old Derby.

Where else should I try?

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