Keeping Toasty This February With Heat Holders*

Although Spring might be creeping upon us with the brief periods of sunlight, it is still bitterly cold outside with blustery winds and a heck of a lot of frost.

Personally, I’m still praying that it will snow over the next few weeks because I just love snow.

The one thing I love about winter is wrapping up warm with a good film or a book and a nice cuppa.

Heat Holders have been a huge help this winter by keeping me warm both in and out of the house.

They kindly sent me some super fluffy socks and some thermal tights to try out in aid of keeping me toasty.

I’m one of the coldest people you will ever meet and so these have helped me keep warm.

I’ve been cosying up with the thick pink socks at home when I’m reading a book or just relaxing.

They’re also handy because the majority of my house is tiled or has wood flooring so these stop me from sliding around with their grippers.

They have the softest and fluffiest insides which feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

I like to pair the thermal tights with my favourite leather skirt for a meal or a night out.

They keep the warmth in and the cold out which is so helpful when it drops to freezing temperatures.

I’ve got a size Large in the tights which fits perfectly; they pull up high and are very stretchy which I love in a good pair of tights.

I had some Heat Holders when I was younger and I remember my sister always stealing them from me because they’re so incredibly warm .

You can find Heat Holders in popular high street shop, Debenhams and dotted around some of your favourite shops out there.

You can also find their website here if you want to stock up your sock drawer for the cold weather.

*I received both of the products as a PR sample in exchange for a review but the views are completely my own. Who doesn’t love fluffy socks?

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