My Favourite Mini Beauty Products

Since Christmas, I have accumulated a heck of a lot of new beauty products and I’ve been trying a lot of different things I’ve received in goodie bags or products part of sets.

I’ve found a few new favourites and there will definitely be a few I re-purchase in the full sizes in weeks to come.

I just wanted to show y’all what I’ve been loving and why they’re so magnificent!

I’ll start with lip and nail minis…

Although the Orly nail lacquers were not supposed to be minis, I still wanted to include them in this post because the bottles are smaller than most and I suppose that counts?

I was bought these as a Secret Santa present from the lovely Kirstie (Behind The Scent) for the Bru Christmas Event and I’ve been in love with them ever since.

They came in a pack of four but these are the two shades I have been LOVING. The greeny shade (Makeup To Breakup) has been great when I’m feeling cool tones and the reddy shade (Scandal) is perfect for when I’m feeling super sassy and it matches a lipstick I have too.

The liquid lipstick is a Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet mini which applies shiny and then dries matte within minutes. I received this in the post as I had requested a sample online (you know them ones that you can just claim for free) and it came within two weeks which was pretty good.

What I really like about this is how luxurious and lightweight it feels on the lips, nothing to thick or cakey – within seconds, you can’t even tell you’re wearing it!

There are a few pointers to look out for though: it transfers very easily and it can be a bugger to scrub off but I suppose that’s not necessarily a bad point.

I forgot the shade name (oops) but it is a bright, luminous scarlet red which can be applied with or without liner underneath. You only need one coat for full lip colour but you can add more just to be safe.

Next up is shower products!

Yes I know, the hugely popular Snow Fairy from Lush is in here just because it smells incredible.

I’ve included this because this bottle is smaller than the others I have and I got it in a set from momma bear for Christmas.

I absolutely love this scent; it smells like turkish delight and all things sweet to me and although it’s only around at Christmas-time, I can’t stop using it! Good job I stocked up in the post-Christmas sales.

The other shower products I am loving are the Andrew Barton Ultimate Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner.

I get these in sets every Christmas just because I love them so much and they’re pretty darn cheap.

I do have larger bottles of these too but these minis are perfect for a weekend away or some time away, hence me saving them.

They smell divine and they leave my hair feeling soft and looking less brassy – perfect for winter when the sun’s hibernating.

Onto skincare next.

As you might know, my skin is prone to blemishes and spots which is incredibly frustrating. But the only thing I can do is try to look after my skin and not irritate it too much with harsh products.

I have oily/combination skin which likes to get dry every now and again too so I’m constantly trying to find products which are going to help.

Believe it or not, the best way to fight oily skin is with oil, I know, it’s a weird one. BUT, I must admit it has helped me out loads.

I started using this Body Shop Tea Tree Oil about two weeks ago and I’m only using it on the very red spots of mine but it seems to be doing the trick. 

Overnight the redness dulls and makes the blemish less painful which is such a lifesaver.

It smells good too and I’ve been using it before I go to bed but you can use it up to three times a day.

The Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil has been great at making my skin feel softer and more nourished.

I’ve been using this on my no make up days straight after applying my toner – this is advised so the oil can sink into your skin rather than just sitting on top.

Although this is quite rich, it does have an odd smell and made my skin feel tingly which I did not expect.

It’s a lovely product but the full size edition is on the pricey side so I really need to have a think whether or not I’m going to invest.

Last, but certainly not least is eye minis.

Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been purchasing make up products for my eyes a lot more and trying out different looks and colours.

These few are probably my favourites of the post, just because I don’t want to know what life is like without them now.

The Benefit Gimme Brow was given to me by my sister as the shade was a bit too light for her dark brows. Luckily, mine are more of a blonde shade so i jumped at the chance to swipe this from her.

I like this because it really holds my unruly brow hairs in place all day rather than them sticking out at all angles. I like to use a pencil underneath to fill in the gaps and lengthen my brows so this is the perfect gel to set them and keep them in place.

Although this is a mini, there is quite a bit of the gel in the silver tube so I’m sure it’ll last me a month or so which is enough time to decide whether to purchase a full tube or to look for a cheaper alternative.

The Dior Base Mascara is something I have been using for months now under my usual black mascara. 

I usually use it when I’m going out or for a meal or something just to add a bit of extra volume and length to my lashes.

I received this back in October and I still have some of the product left which is really surprising – definitely purchasing this one!

The last product I want to talk about it the Benefit They’re Real Mascara which I only used for the first time last night.

Although this product is AMAZING at lengthening the lashes, especially with the Dior Primer underneath, the brush is a bit painful.

The brush is made of plastic and the end of the wand is quite sticky outy (awful description) but the spikes catch your eye lid every now and again and it kind of hurts.

The other downfall is that it’s so hard to get off at the end of the day, it’s like glue on your lashes. BUT, the set I received it in had a mascara remover so maybe I’ll try that next time.

But seriously, my lashes looked so long and I wanted to bat my eyes all night. I’m going to be bit persistent with this mascara because I’m sure I’ll end up loving it.

What are some of your favourite mini products? Any freebies you suggest I should try?

Jay 🙂


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