February Mini Haul

Hey you guuuuuys! (Goonies imitation)

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a collection of things I’ve bought so I thought I’d show you a few things I got yesterday.

As you may know, I am OBSESSED with all thing holographic apart from them trainers that just look ridiculous.

It’s not the only thing in this post that shimmers but these are such a cool and quirky idea.

Channeling all the unicorn and mermaid vibes with this cute iridescent bunting.

My mum pointed these out to me and I just fell in love.

You know when you get that impulse feeling and you don’t have to think about whether or not you’re buying it? Yeah that happened.

I think Primark have seriously stepped up their homeware range and it’s hard not to love nearly everything they bring out.

The bunting only cost £2 and I can’t wait to hang it up in the living room or bedroom, I’ve not decided yet. I’m not sure Kane’s going to like it too much though…

The next things are just essentials for the bathroom.

As you might be able to tell, I like my Garnier products which includes my favourite deodorant.

I’ve also been eager to try the Micellar Gel Wash as I’m such a fan of their Micellar Water so I picked some up from Boots.

The gel wash was on offer with a third off so it was only £2.66 rather than £3.99 which is great as a starting offer.

I chose the green gel wash as opposed to the pink because it’s designed for combination skin and it’s made to mattify which I definitely need.

Next are the chokers to die for.

I’ve been loving the embroidered floral pattern at the minute and the floral choker was no exception.

I think it’d look so good with a red lip/nails which I’ll definitely be pairing some time soon.

The other too chokers are pretty too but I pretty much bought this set for the floral one, sorry not sorry.

I think a set of three for £2 though is such a good price and I’ve never had problems with Primark chokers before.

They’re comfy, easily fastened and they have such a variety on sale at the minute!

I have been dying for the next thing for weeks and weeks.

Sorry for the bad photos, it’s hard to get a good one without trying it on – but I will try it on and you’ll see it on my Instagram soon!

This dress is just me, in a dress. It’s fun yet classic and looks so flattering on my curvy figure.

I love the cross back and the skater shape along with the dark silky finish which adds a touch of depth – in my opinion anyway.

I got this from New Look and it was reduced from £29.99 down to £10. It was also the last one in my size so I just knew it was fate to take it home with me. You can find it here in burgundy if you fancy taking a look yourself.

The last thing I bought was another holographic dream.

I’ve been looking for a new going out bag as all of mine are black and pretty boring.

I thought this multi-sheen beauty was perfect to spruce things up and it’ll be great paired with a little black dress.

It also matches my holo purse which, yeah is a little bit sad but I just LURVE IT.

The bag has a zip fastening which is perfect for nights out and has a chain strap to add a bit of sass.

It was from Primark  and it only cost £5 which is such a steal.

So there we have it!

What do you like from this post? If you want any more info on anything, just let me know!

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