Why Primark Are SLAYING The High Street Right Now

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I am a Primark freak. Probably about 70% of my wardrobe is all from Primark and am I ashamed? NOT ONE BIT.

Yeah the quality might not be the best but who keeps the same clothes for years anyway? Not me!

I have a tendency to wear things a few times, get bored and then donate it to a charity shop or my lucky sister.

So for me, Primark is one of the best high street shops out there, if not my top fave. I do love shops like New Look. H&M and yep, even George in Asda but they’re not quite as cheap as Primarni (a nickname me and my auntie have).

I want to show you the bits that I’ve picked up from Primark over the past few weeks just to give you an idea of why I love it so much.

If you don’t know me then you won’t know that I am a sucker for a good pair of shoes/boots/trainers/heels or even wellies and these were no exception.

As soon as I saw them sitting on that sale rack, I was smitten. I always mooch around sale racks first before looking at the full priced items – just a habit I have.

They also came in shiny silver but I’m not quite that daring with my looks just yet.

But these cowboy wonders are the perfect addition to my wardrobe, or shoe rack rather… I have a few pairs of leathery looking boots but nothing like these ones.

On first impression, these seem really good quality for Primark and feel very sturdy and comfortable. I have decided that these are my new work boots to add a bit of sass to any outfit.

Full price, these booties should have been £15 which is still awesome but they were reduced to £6 which is just unbelieveable for a good pair of boots that look this good!

One thing I love about Primark is there staple items section like the leggings, vest tops, jumpers, shirts and t shirts for such low prices!

I wouldn’t recommend their leggings if you’re looking for a bit of coverage but I could wear two pairs out and feel comfortable that no one was going to see the pizza pattern on my pants.

Anyway, this tee was on their crew neck tshirt stand and I just love the pattern which gives me traditional tattoo vibe.

I love the vintagey feel and I think this paired with a denim jacket and some black skinnies or shorts would be super cute in spring/summer.

Not only are the patterns fab on their t-shirts but they’re so so cheap at £2.50 each. I would recommend a bigger size though unless you’re looking for something quite tight. I picked up a 14 because I prefer the more relaxed fit when it comes to simple tees.

Yes I know, more nails, I just can’t stop! I have completely given up trying to look after my nails, they’re stubby, weak and they never grow evenly so I’ve turned to some falsies to help me look a bit more glam.

I’ve had quite a few of their false nails before; some have worked and lasted ages and others… well let’s not go there.

But I have noticed that if you buy the £1.50 or £2 ones instead of the £1 ones, you’ll see such a huge difference in the quality.

I love love love the metallic trend at the minute, so much so that a smokey eye is pretty much my go to look these days. So you can probably see why I bought these few.

I love the Frosted Lavender ones simply because purple and silver are my favourite colours so this just makes sense?

The Insta Girl ones are so pretty with the gold trim paired with the marble and grey. True to the name, they are definitely something you’d see on Instagram in the Explore tab.

I have to say though, these galactic wonders are my favourites. I LOVE the holographic design and I think they’re subtle yet so interesting.

I have a few things with this pattern and I’m not slowing down with the amount of intergalactic things I keep buying – it’s just too pretty.

Apologies for the poor photo, I’m so bad at taking photos of large pieces of clothing but I will learn eventually!

This aptly named ‘Parka in a Pocket’ is such a wonderful idea. When you’re not using it, simply tuck in the pocket and pop in your bag and then when it rains, whip it out and wear it.

What I love so much is, not just the funky pattern, but the ties at the waist and round the bottom trim to add some shape and definition.

I also like how you can turn the sleeves up for warmer days and the fact that the pockets have press studs.

I think coats with some form of pocket fastenings are such a God send, I’m always conscious someone’s just going to walk past and nab my phone, which terrifies me.

It’s such a reasonable price too at £9 for a thin raincoat and they also come in a range of patterns, colours and styles.

I thought I’d have to pick up a large as coats tend not to do up over my chest (UGH) but I managed to fit in a medium (around 10-12) with room!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen these beauties make an appearance last week. I am LOVING the floral trend at the minute and these were just the perfect addition to my already large collection of heels.

A lot of the heels I own are plain block colours that just go with anything, but I thought I needed to add some colour and these did just that.

I also like that they’re not too high either and they’re actually comfy to walk in. I can’t wear heels too big because I just feel ginormous and taller than Kane, which I just hate!

I saw this style all over Instagram a few months back and I always wanted a pair but they were all priced at £30+ which I cannot justify spending on shoes unless it’s a pair of Vans, Docs or Nikes.

Then I saw these in Primark and I was surprised at how quickly they’d caught up with the higher end shops. I left them there and asked if I could have them for Easter from my Nan as I couldn’t afford to spend money on shoes.

Luckily, I went back and there they were; the last pair in my size. I was so happy I finally had them as I haven’t seen them in since, I knew they’d be pretty popular.

They were £16 too which doesn’t sound much for a pair of heels, but to me, that’s quite a bit. I’m the biggest snob when it comes to clothes and I refuse to spend a lot when I know I can get things a lot cheaper.

Don’t get me wrong, I will splurge sometimes and buy some expensive things but only if I have the money or have been saving for a certain thing, like a coat for example.

So there you are, I know this post went off on a tangent in parts but I hope you enjoyed why I think Primark are seriously upping their game in terms of fashion and beauty items.

You lot might not even consider some of these things on trend, just because my style is rather weird but I hope you enjoyed it!

Are there any pieces you liked in this post or have any favourites from fabulous Primark at the minute?


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