My Fabulous March Favourites

Can you believe it’s nearly April already? We’re a quarter way through the year and finally in Spring. Don’t get me wrong, I love Winter but it’s nice to be able to walk home from work when it’s light outside and not freeze my face off.

I really love gathering up my monthly favourite products and showing you guys exactly why I’ve been using them all month long – so here goes…

The first things in this month’s round up are these two legends, the Technic Cosmetics Mega Lash Mascara* and the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

I’ve used products from both of these brands previously but I’ve only discovered how essential these products are to your make up bag recently.

The Collection concealer is one of those products that everyone raves about and now I know why. This is a ‘the bloggers made me buy it’ purchase to see what all the fuss was about and hand on my heart, it is flippin’ amazing. The coverage is so great for such a cheap concealer which comes in at £4.19 from Wilko, Boots or Superdrug.

I recently received this Mega Lash mascara as part of a PR package and I have been loving using it! It gives your lashes length AND volume which you don’t usually find with one mascara, I usually have to use two. Also, it’s super cheap at only £4.00 which you can buy right here!

The next few bits are all things that smell so good, I just want to eat them.

You might have noticed I’m all about those sweet smelling goodies and these check that box x100.

The first thing I want to talk about is the Sweet Marshmallow Hand Sanitizer. Jess bought me this as part of my Christmas present and I have never seen anything like it before.

When I think of hand sanitizer, I think of this little click lid bottles, nothing with a spray cap. This is perfect just to chuck in your bag and use when on the go, especially before eating! It also smells so sweet and vanillary which is one of my all time favourites.

The next thing is this Mermaid Eau De Parfum which is from Primark. I’ve tried a few of their scents before and I have been thoroughly impressed with their scent and longevity.

I picked this one up last week for only £6.00 and it’s a pretty big bottle too!

The box says the EDP is magical mix of raspberry, passionfruit, floral notes and a warm woody scent with a mythical musk to release your inner mermaid.

To be honest, it was a little in your face at first but after the tester was on my wrist for a while, I really could smell the sweet undertones and the mermaid-esque vibes it was aiming for.

They also do a mini roll on parfum and a shimmer body mist which was a bit too glittery for me.

I think it’s the perfect understated scent with a fresh sweet spring aroma that I’ve been loving recently.

Last up is this Imperial Leather Cherry Bakewell Body Wash which is like a match made in heaven for me.

You might know I love cherries and when I saw they they had released this scent, I was hunting the shops to find it.

I’ve tried their Marshmallow scent before which is one of my bathroom must haves but this has blown it way out of the water.

It leaves your skin feeling soft, smelling like a cake and very nourished which I just love in a body wash.

I’ve been trying to get myself organised these past few weeks with shopping lists, blog posts, wish lists and to do lists and I’ve been using this cute notebook.

I saw this paired with another very similar but with a marble touch (currently using as a flatlay prop) in Home Bargains back in February and I just knew they needed to come home.

I love the pale pink background with the copper writing which is so on trend right now in the stationary world, or the whole world in fact.

Another thing I have been LOVING these past few weeks is my new bedding with printed stars and moons on.

I love the grey denim-esque colour covered with the moon and star pattern, not only because I love all things interstellar but because it’s so simple.

I’m a sucker for some good bedding and this is now my new favourite, it’s just so me. I just feel so cosy when wrapped up in bed and it’s perfect for a lazy Sunday.

It was only £9 for a double set from George at Asda.

In terms of skincare, I’ve been trying to find products that are quite light on my skin because I’ve been breaking out a lot – damn skin!

I have found that these products have really been helping keeping it soft and hydrated.

Just like about every other make up wearer out there, I love the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to melt my face off at the end of the day and I was made up when I heard they’d brought out a wash.

I decided to go for the green lid instead of the pink which is for combination and sensitive skin which is definitely mine!

I like to use this after using the cleansing water to wash off any excess make up and to provide a good base before toning up my face.

Which is where I’ll move onto this Clarins Toning Lotion sample which I got from the Galentine’s Brunch back in February.

It’s really light and non-abrasive on your skin because of the chamomile oil which I find to suit my skin wonderfully. It makes my face feel refreshed and very clean, so much so I’m thinking about purchasing a full size version.

I know, ew, I didn’t clean my sponge but I had only used it twice and I hate washing sponges!

But I’ve been loving using this PS PRO Non Latex Blending Sponge to apply my foundation and concealer. When dampened, it expands like crazy but it means it soaks up barely any product which is a win for me.

It’s smoothing and is a bit of a cheaper dupe to the Real techniques sponge which has exactly the same shape.

I’ve also been itching to try and blend some cream contour in with it but I’ve not been brave enough to try that just quite yet.

I find this sponge to be fabulous for only £2 and such a difference to the £1 beauty blenders you can pick up from Primark which just leave sponge bits all over your face.

So there you are, everything I have been going crazy over this month. What have you been using and loving?

*This product was gifted to me as part of a PR package in exchange for a review but I love this mascara anyway so win win!

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