Trying Out QVS Beauty Tools*

QVS stands for Quality, Value & Style – just three of the things that the QVS beauty tools possess.

I’ve been trying and testing out some essential beauty tools* from QVS over the past few weeks and here I am to offer you an honest review of what I think to them.

Their website claims to create cosmetic and grooming tools for real people who live ordinary lives. They’ve recently ran a campaign which focuses on women who work in quarries and how they’ve incorporated beauty into their lives – just one example of ‘real people’.

I was gifted three products to try and review including some make up sponges, a nail file and a brow and lash comb.

The first of the products I want to talk about are the triangular make up sponges. Although I’m a sucker for a good egg shaped beauty blender, these have been proving quite handy for contouring.

The sharp corners are great for drawing on the bronze lines under your cheekbones and dabbing along to blend into the skin. I will recommend on dampening the sponges first though as it can be quite hard to blend when dry and the sponges drag along your skin.

Although these have been alright to use, I don’t think I’ll purchase any more in a hurry as I’m stuck in my ways of the beauty blender. These will last me a while though as I probably won’t be using them that much, I just don’t have time to be doing that creamy contour everyday…

The product that is my favourite of the three is the dual-sided emery board/nail file. Since opening this, it has been my go to nail shaper as it has both a medium and fine side – whichever you need.

I’ve been filing away on the medium side as I find it’s quicker and I can achieve the perfect shape in seconds, however the fine side is perfect for buffing away those awkward bumpy bits.

Along with using my favourite Essence brow products, this groomer has been perfect for smoothing out my unruly brow hairs ready for pencilling and gelling into place.

I also like how it has a combing side which is designed to separate lashes which naturally cling together. I use this to comb through my lashes after my mascara has dried to keep them looking full of volume and fan like.

Overall I think the QVS products are great value for money and provide a wide range of products which are essential to any make up bag. I really would recommend trying some of these products out, especially ones from their nail care range.

You can find their website here if you want to check them out!

Why don’t you also have a look at their Facebook and Instagram pages?

*These products were gifted to me in exchange for a review but the views and photos are all my own!



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