Tried and Tested Technic Cosmetics*

Hello all! Sorry it’s been a while… April is an absolute craaazy month for me in terms of birthdays and all the festivities that come along with them.

But I am back and ready to tell you all about some new beauty products on the scene from coveted brand, Technic Cosmetics.

A good few weeks ago, I was sent some of their favourite products to test, try and report back to share with you lovely lot.

After a month or so, you can have my full honest verdict on what I think about them and whether I’d actually buy them myself.

I’ve used one or two of Technics products before and I have been fully impressed by the quality for saying how wonderfully cheap they are.

My favourite being their mini Smokey eye palette which was featured in my February Favourites post right here.

The first product I want to talk about is the Mega Lash Mascara.

If you’re like me and love long and thick looking lashes then this is for you! It’s plastic brush is great for adding volume and keeping your lashes separated yet very fluttery.

It also adds great length and with only a few strokes through your lashes, you’re good to go. If you’re wanting to look extra glam, you can always add a few more coats on top.

The only downfall for me is that when you’re trying to take it off at the end of the day, it sticks to your lashes and is pretty hard to get rid of every last bit. Although some good make up remover should work if you rub your eyes long enough.

I would definitely purchase this mascara again at only £3.33 – it’s a cheap dupe for the Volume Million Lashes Mascara with a similar brush and thick casing.

The next product on my list if the Colour Correcting Setting Power in a yellowy shade.

I think (don’t quote me) that this is supposed to be that thing everyone’s talking about called Banana Powder.

I have a feeling you’re supposed to use it to bake the under eye area when contouring. Yeah I’m pretty useless at that.

In all honesty, I’ve only used this once or twice using a flat brush instead of the included sponge and it worked pretty OK.

It’s a tad bit too yellow for me because I don’t really have dark circles under my eyes THANK GOD.

I’m sure if you had dark bags and needed an extra cover up this would be fab but it’s just not my cup of tea.

You can pick this up for only £1.98 on eBay so it’s definitely worth trying for a cheaper option. Im not too sure I would buy this again, I’m just not that kind of gal.

There were two other eye products in the set and I have mixed feelings about both of them.

I’ll start off talking about the Eyeshadow Primer – I’ve been looking for a new one for a while and this one does a pretty good job to be honest.

Aside from being designed for shimmer shadows, this makes your eyelids feel soft and readily primed for a layer of eyeshadow. However, it does smell a bit like PVA glue when on your lids and gives me slight burning feeling for two seconds, then goes away.

I’m not too sure if it’s meant to do that but it doesn’t irritate my eyes in any way. The product is a light pink sheen and a little goes a long way with this. It does keep your eyeshadow on for longer without creasing but isn’t the best I’ve tried.

I probably would buy this product again if I was looking for a cheap primer as this is price at only £2.05 on eBay.

The other eye product was a Brow Pen in the shade Medium Brown. To me this colour is more of light brown/blonde shade as it has quite orangey/yellow undertones.

It glides on just like a felt tip – nothing like any brow pen I’ve used before but it’s a good idea if the colour matches your brow hair.

This for me just isn’t the right colour; my brow hairs are quite fair and this just makes them look gingery which I do not like at all.

I think the darker pens would be fab for darker brows but this colour is just a bit off for me. I wouldn’t buy the pen in future because they colour’s just way off but it’s again, cheap and cheerful at £2.73.

The last product I tried was the Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder in the shade 24CT Gold.

This was the product that excited me the most because of the sheer sparkliness (pretty sure that’s not even a word?) and DUH Highlighter.

When swatched (you can see above) the colour and shimmer payoff is incredible! It’s sparkly and very VERY gold.

Unfortunately I am pale AF so this used on my skin is a tad too dark, although in summer with a tan, this would make you look like a goddess!

Im going to keep persisting with this as I think I can get the teeniest amount on my cheekbones without looking too dark but if all else fails, I can just use it as eyeshadow – why not?

I love the packaging and the swirly design on this, giving it that high end look for a teeny fraction of the price.

Although I can’t use this too often, I think it might be my favourite product because how great it is and the pigmentation of it.

Technic have a few different highlighters in a selection of shades so I might have to try a lighter one.

I would definitely buy this, just a lighter shade and it’s only £1.99 from eBay.

Overall I am pretty impressed with the quality and price of Technic Cosmetics and I will continue to use some of these products and I’ll probably purchase a few more.

They’re stocked in Bodycare, Superdrug and Love Thy Make up both online and in stores.

Why not check them out on Twitter and Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed my review and let me know if you’ve tried any of their products and your thoughts x

*These products were sent to me to review but all the views and photos are my own.

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